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Advertorial: Nunatak for Every Need Under the Harshest Conditions

by MSI

Nunatak selects the world’s best brands in their respective areas and assumes the distributorship of these products. In addition to its role as distributor, the company’s area of activity also includes the development and production of need-specific products.

To meet the requirements of institutions such as the Turkish Armed Forces and Special Operations Command, Nunatak imports products related to travelling and living in nature, such as those used in mountaineering, camping, search and rescue, and climbing. To select products and identify the most appropriate type of materials required, the company’s team – all of whom are experienced in nature sports and mountaineering – works closely with the procuring institution’s personnel.

Since 2004, Fatma Şahin, the Founding Manager of Nunatak, has been the Turkey distributor for the MSR, Therm-A-Rest, Platypus, Sealline and Packtowl brands, which produce their own technologies and are among the most emulated brands in their respective areas. Aside from these, other brands that have also been incorporated into the company’s distribution portfolio include Nikwax, Outdoor Research, Marlow Ropes and Black Diamond. In addition to providing clothing for civilian and sports use, all of these brands are also suppliers for armies throughout the world. Some of these brands offer a lifelong warranty for their products, and possess a global service network.

These brands include tents, foam and inflatable mats, cots, portable stoves, personal water treatment devices, water bags, winter mountaineering equipment, snow shoes, ice mountaineering  equipment, skis and associated equipment, static and dynamic ropes, harnesses, technical equipment for mountaineering and rescue, backpacks, helicopter ropes, leather descent gloves, glasses, cold weather clothing and gloves, waterproofing sprays, and after-sales maintenance products. In addition to these products, Nunatak also designs, develops and produces thermal underwear and clothing for cold weather, as well as technical textile products for use in warmer environments.

The company’s primary goal is to reduce the load for users and minimise risk to life under difficult natural conditions and work environments, while also protecting individuals and their equipment from all sorts of adverse situations.

With its recently introduced brand, T-Element, the company has also achieved its 2017 objective of creating and producing its own brand. Produced domestically with the T-Element brand, the thermal underwear are manufactured from special fibres and have an ergonomic structure that offers effective protection against the cold at temperatures as low as -40oC. With the T-Element, Nunatak has started to participate more actively in the defence industry.


Comprehensive Product Family

Cascade Design, for which Nunatak is the distributor in Turkey, offers the following brands:

  1. MSR: As a supplier of all types of materials required for camping and mountaineering under difficult conditions, MSR is one of the leaders in its area. The products its offers to mountaineers and campers are as follows:
    1. Tents: Strong, reliable, all-season and comfortable tents, as well as tent accessories such as tent pegs, tent beds, tent ropes, ground sheets, windbreaks and sunscreens, poles/hooks for snow and dust, rope tightening mechanisms, and materials for repairing any damage or problem on the tent and its associated materials.
    2. Stoves: Practical, easy-to-carry and reliable stoves, gas canisters and gas hoses required for operating stoves, stove fuses, coffee makers, cookware suitable for every type of environment, gas pumps, and service/maintenance equipment.
    3. Cooking Sets: Multi-level cookware used on stoves and during meals, as well as spoons and forks, coffee and tea filters, salt and pepper shakers, small kitchen sets, cleaning brushes, knives, and cutting boards.
    4. Water Treatment Devices: Clean water might not always be available under difficult outdoor conditions. To solve this problem, and to protect personnel serving on the field against viruses, bacteria, and every type of disease-causing microbe, MSR is developing water treatment devices by working together with the US Armed Forces. MSR’s products take into account the physical needs of the personnel, as well as the situations they might encounter. This category of products includes water treatment devices, water storage bags, maintenance materials, and water treatment device accessories. They are practical, safe and easy to use.
    5. Snowshoes and Snow Materials: To cope with the harsher natural conditions in snowy weather, MSR offers mountaineers and campers snowshoes, portable shovels and saws that greatly simplify activities in such weather conditions.
    6. Poles: With poles designed for use in snow and on trekking, MSR assists mountaineers and campers during their expeditions.
  2. THERM-A-REST: One of the leading companies specialising in providing comfort and simplicity for camping enthusiasts. Products offered by the company includes:
    1. Beds: As a leader in the tent bed industry with its Neoair technology, THERM-A-REST offers camping enthusiasts the ability to rest comfortably and safely.
    2. Sleeping Bags, Quilts, Blankets and Pillows: With the high-level comfort and warmth they provide campers, these products ensure a good night’s sleep. Thanks to their technology that keeps the heat lost during sleep and transmits it back to the body, they allow campers to rest snugly and without a worry.
    3. Tents: With the shelters against the sun and wind it offers, THERM-A-REST ensures and healthy and comfortable environment for campers.
    4. Hammocks and Accessories: Includes camp beds, hammocks and materials for assembling them with ropes. Also includes chairs and stools used for relaxing outside the tent.
  3. PLATYPUS: As a brand concentrating on solving water-related problems and challenges encountered in nature, PLATYPUS works specifically on the provision and storage of clean and hygienic water. The products it offers includes:
    1. Water Bottles: With its DuoLock cap technology, PLATYPUS is a brand that offers easy-to-drink water bottles that store water reliably.
    2. Filtering: The brand also provides filtering systems that rapidly clean water with less work and effort.
    3. Hydration Back Packs: PLATYPUS is known for its high capacity backpacks that ensure an easy and pleasant trip.
    4. Hydration Systems: The brand has a range of systems for making it easier to transport and drink water.
  4. SEALLINE: A brand which works to ensure that the clothes, sleeping bags, food and equipment people carry with them in all types of different activities remain well organised and well-protected. The range of products it offers are as follows:
    1. Dry Backpacks and Bags: Backpacks that protect the materials they carry through their waterproof features, and bags that enable the transport of all types of materials.
    2. Dry Accessories: Special accessories that protect important and vulnerable materials, such as maps, from the rain and snow.
  5. PACKTOWL: Produces highly absorbent and rapidly drying microfibre towels, suitable for use in camps, nature walks and all types of sports.

Other brands for which Nunatak is the distributor includes:

  1. OUTDOOR RESEARCH: A brand known for its hats, beanies, gloves and gaiters. Its products are easy to use and well-suited to skiing, nature walks, camping and mountain climbing.
  2. MARLOW ROPES: Produces the climbing ropes, descent ropes, reinforced ropes and helicopter descent ropes used in climbing and mountaineering and by military units, as well as the pulley blocks and assembly mechanisms associated with these ropes.
  3. NIKWAX: Known for its sprays, suitable for use on any type of object, to make them waterproof and also assist with equipment cleaning. The user-friendliness of these products and their use for the cleaning of equipment offers its users many advantages.
  4. BLACK DIAMOND: Produces all kinds of materials used in nature sports, such as skiing, mountaineering and climbing. One of this brand’s priority goals is to ensure that these sports can be practised both safely and comfortably. With its growing focus on nature sports, the brand continues to produce reliable and high-quality products.


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