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ANTONOV Begins Making Investment Calculations for AN-188 Project

by MSI

During the exhibition, in addition to its various unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ANTONOV displayed a scale model of the AN-188 military transport aircraft that it plans to develop in partnership with Turkey. We took the opportunity to speak to ANTONOV officials to hear about the latest status in the AN-188 project.

ANTONOV, along with Turkish Aerospace Industries (Turkish Aerospace), as its main partner in Turkey, are conducting a feasibility study regarding the AN-188 project, which is currently in the design phase. The project partners are working on developing a business model that will protect the interests of both countries.

ANTONOV_Haberi - C - MSI Dergisi

AN-188 military transport aircraft


Aside from Turkey and Ukraine, four other Western countries are involved in the project as investors, and the project has now entered the phase in which plans and calculations related to the investments required for the project will be made.

To date, permits related to the integration of LEAP turbofan engines, developed by CFM International, onto the AN-188 have been acquired.

ANTONOV’s corporate communications department shared with MSI TDR the following information regarding the project-related cooperations: “The AN-188 will be a highly competent aircraft in terms of military capabilities, and will outperform many of its global competitors, especially in its ability to take off and land in short distances. Our aircraft is currently in the development phase, but we have reached a point where we are ready to cooperate with the Turkish defence and aerospace sector.”

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