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ASELSAN Strengthens Foothold in Ukraine

by MSI

At the exhibition, ASELSAN showcased its radar systems, its military and professional radio family, its electro-optic systems and its remote-controlled weapons system solutions, among which the SERHAT Mobile Mortar Detection Radar was being displayed for the first time in Ukraine.

Developed by ASELSAN to detect mortar munitions in the air and to determine the location from which they were fired, the SERHAT radar operates in the L band, based on the principle of electronic scanning, with a 360-degree horizontal coverage area and a range of 10 kilometres. The radar is able to detect more than five mortar munitions simultaneously, and can have friendly areas defined within its system if necessary, issuing an alarm if these areas are targeted. Owing to its modular design, SERHAT can be mounted on buildings, turrets or vehicles, and can be integrated with various command and control systems.

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ASELSAN showcased the SERHAT Mortar Detection Radar for the first time in the region.


We had the opportunity to speak with Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and CEO of ASELSAN, about the company’s agenda at the exhibition, as well as its growing and continuing business in Ukraine in recent times. Prof. Dr. Görgün said that there are many countries with which ASELSAN is cooperating at various levels, carrying out only sales in some of these countries, while opening representative offices and engaging in joint production in several others. “Ukraine is a country of strategic importance for ASELSAN,” Prof. Dr. Görgün noted.

Stating that ASELSAN’s collaborations with Ukraine were seeing steady development, having been launched initially with a deal for software-based radios, Prof. Dr. Görgün said that other agreements had been signed with Ukraine, while others are on the verge of being inked, for other solutions within the company’s vast product range.

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