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ASELSAN’s “a bülten” Rolls off the Press

by MSI

The first issue of ASELSAN’s a bülten was published in July. The bulletin, aimed at keeping its readers abreast of current developments in the company, will be published every month.



Statements from the lead article by Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and CEO of ASELSAN, in the first issue of a bülten: “ASELSAN is our shared value, and so it is important for me that all of ASELSAN’s employees, from the newest members of the family up to the senior managers, are informed first hand about notable events in the company. To this end, I will be sharing important information with you, including current events and news, on monthly basis.”

Meaningful Message on ASELSAN’s Foundation on the 44th Anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation

The next issue of a bülten was also published in July as a special edition to mark the 44th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation. Following a report on the Cyprus Peace Operation, the bulletin carried the headline: “Established for you; growing with you” describing ASELSAN’s birth and growth.

Opening message of the bulletin: “We commemorate here the 44th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation, and the struggle for existence of the Turkish Cypriot nation.” The operation in 1974 ensured the incontestable right of the Cypriot Turkish nation to live freely and peacefully, and as a result, peace on the island has been maintained for 44 years, without interruption.

The Cyprus Peace Operation was launched by the Turkish Armed Forces on 20 July, 1974 and ended on August 14, 1974 when the Turkish military entered Nicosia. The underlying reason behind the establishment of ASELSAN was the challenges caused by the importation of off-the-shelf systems during the Cyprus Peace Operation and the subsequent blockade on weapons.

The benevolent Turkish nation supported the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation with sincerity. A young Turkish simit seller with no proper jacket and no proper shoes to wear fought with the foundation officials who did not want to accept his donation of the considerable amount of money he had saved up over many months; retired teachers insisted on donating their property which was the only the roof over their heads; old Turkish farmers donated all of their farms before drawing their last breath. Now, it is our responsibility to tell ASELSAN’s story, and to show what we have done and what we will accomplish thanks to their donations to our country and their support to our Foundation with the same patriotic feelings.”


Prof. Dr.  Görgün Receives an Award from ÜniAr

Having had a busy month of new agreements and deliveries in July, ASELSAN announced that Prof. Dr. Görgün had received the 2018 ÜniAr Honour Award for Outstanding Performance from the University Assessment and Research Laboratory (ÜniAr). The recipient of the award is chosen from a survey of 26,000 students, and Prof. Dr.  Görgün was deemed worthy of the award due to his rectorship of Gebze Technical University.

Other important announcements related to ASELSAN:

  • ASELSAN has delivered 24 ERTUĞRUL bomb disposal robots to the Turkish National Police (TNP), as announced by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) on July 2.
  • On the same date, ASELSAN entered into agreement with BMC for the provision of a SARP stabilised advanced remote weapon platform worth €94,696,000. According to the contract schedule, deliveries will be made between 2018 and 2021.
  • ASELSAN signed two contracts worth $254,725,195 with Turkish Aerospace Industries on July 5. ASELSAN aims to complete the deliveries covered in this contract by 2022.
  • ASELSAN announced an amendment in a previous contract on July 30. The company has received an additional order for security systems valued at ₺247,517,078 and $33,682,993 with amendments to the Modular Temporary Base Area Project signed with the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries on February 5, 2013. According to the terms of the contract amendment, deliveries will be completed by 2020.

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