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ASISGUARD Carries Asis’ 10 Years of Experience in Electronics to the Defence Sector

by MSI

You can read the article published in the May 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


Developing software, based on its R&D efforts related to smart ticket systems, automation systems, vehicle tracking systems, ID card passes and counter systems since its establishment in 2007, Asis Elektronik ve Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. (Asis) has taken its first foray into the defence field with its registered mark ASISGUARD, which was established early this year to operate in the defence and public security sectors. Despite being only recently established, ASISGUARD quickly made its mark in the sector with its indigenously developed products.


In order to inform the sector about its activities, the company held a press conference on April 26 during which Ayhan Sunar, General Manager of ASISGUARD, provided a detailed explanation of the vision of the company: “As ASISGUARD, we are focused on using our capabilities to offer innovative technologies to the defence sector. Today, the drone systems that stand out in our product family and the electronic systems we have developed for military land vehicles stand as significant solutions that go beyond current needs and that will advance our defence capabilities.”

Highlighting their efforts towards the objective of entering the inventory of friendly countries aside from Turkey, Sunar said: “Our aim in 2019 is to achieve export success, in addition to expanding our product range. Our target markets include such countries as the Turkic Republics, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan and those on the Arabian Peninsula and in North Africa.”


Products Developed with Artificial Intelligence

ASISGUARD currently operates in four areas:

  • UAVs
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Electro-optics
  • IT systems for public institutions

Conducting its activities in the field of auto electronics in İzmir, ASISGUARD is continuing its studies into UAVs and hardware in two separate laboratories at METU TEKNOKENT.

Sunar emphasized that although the total workforce is only 65, they attach great importance to growth based on a sustainable ecosystem, and said that they had succeeded in developing products in such a short time with the support of their subcontractors. He added that they had transferred their in-depth experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning to all of the products they have developed to date.


SONGAR Armed Drone System

SONGAR Armed Drone System


SONGAR to both See and Hit Targets

ASISGUARD is offering two UAV solutions – SONGAR and SALGUR. SONGAR has been developed to serve in all kinds of military and security operations, under both day and night conditions, and

can be used by a single operator via its special remote control system. It is equipped with the 5.56×45 mm Drone Machine Gun (DMT) that meets NATO standards. The stabilized weapon has been specially developed in Turkey, allowing SONGAR to fire fully automatically or in 15 round bursts. SONGAR carries 200 rounds of ammunition that are fed to the weapon by a flexible ammunition chute, alleviating the need to change the magazine during flight. The ammunition box can be changed quickly allowing SONGAR to get back on task in a very short time.

The UAV can fire effectively while on the move thanks to the installed Automatic Firing Stabilisation System (OASIS) that has been developed indigenously by a domestic subcontractor. The gun, which features a recoil dampening system, can be aimed from 0 to -60 degrees on the vertical axis, and can effectively hit targets even when fired in fully automatic mode. SONGAR has a 10 km radius of action and can climb to a maximum altitude of 2,800 meters.

The machine gun aboard SONGAR has a stabilisation and recoil dampening system.

The machine gun aboard SONGAR has a stabilisation and recoil dampening system.





It will Stop Harassing Fires

For the UAV’s flexible ammunition chute, a solution of ANOVA, as the leading solution partner in the sector with its products in this field, was preferred. SONGAR successfully passed the firing tests carried out at the test site in Tuz Lake in recent weeks.

This system can operate with several drones working simultaneously and can perform many critical tasks, such as target area detection, threat neutralization, post-operation damage assessment and real-time image transmission.

Sunar said that one of the biggest obstacles in the fight against terrorism is the harassing fire base areas has to endure, and reminded that in such cases it is vital to respond. Sunar said that long-range shots toward the origin of such fire are ineffective and that launching an operation in the region can take too much time, while also creating an opportunity for the terrorist to escape. In such situations, Sunar said, SONGAR is an ideal solution as a deterrent element.



SALGUR Striking Micro Drone: Dangerous Swarm

SALGUR, another member of the ASISGUARD drone family, has been developed to serve in covert or special operations as a swarm of up to six drone systems. SALGUR is equipped with an HD camera, a thermal camera and microphone systems and features face recognition, objects recognition, vehicle recognition and voice recognition. Furthermore, it can determine its own route by automatically detecting the current environment in 3D, and can also operate autonomously with all of its capabilities. SALGUR can stay in the air for 25 minutes and can transfer images and telemetry data distances of up to 2 kilometres. SALGUR is also capable of carrying anaesthetic gas or a small amount of explosive.

SALGUR has four different operating modes and functions:

  • Reconnaissance: SALGUR can search the target area through autonomous scanning.
  • Surveillance: In this mode, SALGUR transmits images after infiltrating the target area.
  • Audio surveillance: Similar to the surveillance mode, SALGUR transmits sounds from its environment when used in this mode.
  • Attack: SALGUR can attack an identified target.


Almost Impossible to be Detected

SALGUR is an extremely silent drone, producing only around 25 decibels when operating, and has a span (from propeller to propeller) of only 10 cm. These features make SALGUR difficult to detect during covert missions.

SALGUR’s specially designed remote-control unit also serves as a carrying case, which holds up to six drones, and which has a wireless charging system that can charge all six drones simultaneously.


ASISGUARD team with the members of the press.

ASISGUARD team with the members of the press.


SADAK to Meet Electronic Requirements of Military Vehicles

The members of the ASISGUARD’s SADAK product family of Electronic Systems for Military Land Vehicles are:

  • Flight Data Recorder (KRK): Recording data from the CAN (Controller Area Network) line of a vehicle onto the built-in memory unit, and then sending it to a large data server.
  • Military Vehicle Health and Usage Monitoring System (ARKSIS): An indigenous maintenance system that collects data on the health status of vehicle systems through special sensors located on the vehicle, and then compiles this data through the use of large data algorithms.
  • In-Vehicle Speaker System (AIKS): Designed for use on military land vehicles, providing in-vehicle personnel with voice communication under operational conditions and to ensuring such personnel communicate with external operation units on an authorisation basis.
  • Siren and Announcement System (SAS): Developed in accordance with military standards for land and sea platforms. The system allows in-vehicle personnel to listen to and to make announcements to the outside environment.
  • Driver Information System (SBS): Provides the operator with information about the engine, such as RPM, coolant temperature, oil temperature and operating time, as well as the personnel seat-belt status information, mine lock status information and explosion suppression system status information, on a single screen.
  • Central Tire Inflator System (MLSS): Adjusts the tire pressures of the vehicle while mobile or stationary, improves tire grip according to the sludge, sand, land or road conditions, and ensures that the vehicle can be driven safely in all conditions.

The company presents its Electro-Optic Camera System solutions under the trademark YAZGUR, and develops imaging systems with advanced technologies that Turkey cannot yet produce. These systems will initially be produced in Turkey through technology transfer from a foreign solution partner, and will be indigenised over time through the contributions of domestic solution partners.

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