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The news article that is in the third section of IDEF’19 Special Dossier published in the 72th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is now available on our website:


In the first section of our IDEF Special Dossier, we provided news on the T1 version of the ALTAY tank and the tank transporter that were showcased by BMC for the first time at the event, and the contract signed with the main subcontractors that will take part in the serial production of the ALTAY tank. In this section, we continue with news of the Battlefield Aircraft Fuel Tanker and the Container Transporter.

Aircraft Refueler – 12,000 Liters

Aircraft Refueler – 12,000 Liters


One of the vehicles developed by BMC under the Fuel Tanker (AKTAN) project, and showcased for the first time at the event, was the Battlefield Aircraft Fuel Tanker. Developed within the scope of a project launched by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) for the procurement of a vehicle tasked with refuelling aircrafts and helicopters to prevent any interruptions in the operation, AKTAN can carry 12,000 litres of fuel. The vehicle can both pump the fuel in its tank into the recipient air platform, and can also pump fuel out of a tank on another vehicle and pump it to a different point. The vehicle is capable of refuelling up to four aircraft, either simultaneously or separately.

The tank has been designed on an incline to fully transfer the fuel when necessary, and contains baffles to prevent sloshing while on the move. The tank body is made of aluminium alloy and is coated with a ballistic sealing material and fire-retardant paint. Designed in compliance with the railway loading gauge, the size of the vehicle permits its transportation aboard an A400M cargo aircraft.

Container Transporter (6x6) TWV

Container Transporter (6×6) TWV


On the other hand, the Container Transporter developed by BMC based on a 6×6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle is capable of carrying 20-foot shipping containers.


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