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BMC’s KİRPİ II Deliveries Continue without Pause

by MSI

On November 24, the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) announced the completion of deliveries of a total of 440 vehicles, including KİRPİ, the KİRPİ II Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle and the KİRPİ II AMBULANCE. While not disclosing the exact number of KİRPİ’s delivered, reports suggest that 290 KİRPİ II and more than 30 KİRPİ II AMBULANCE have been handed over. This represents the first ever delivery of the KİRPİ II AMBULANCE configuration.

As a reminder, one of the action points specified in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 100-Day Action Plan, announced on August 3, envisaged the delivery of a total of 431 vehicles of different types. The SSB’s announcement of November 24 thus marked the completion of another item in the action plan.

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The delivered KİRPİ II Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles and KİRPİ II AMBULANCES feature the same engine, transmission, transfer boxes and axles. Both vehicles feature independent suspension, and have the same maximum speed, maximum gradient, maximum side slope and range performance values, with the differences between the two being primarily in their mission equipment. The KİRPİ II Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles can be equipped with a broad range of different payloads, such as remote-controlled weapon systems, electronic jammers and shooter detection systems. The KİRPİ II AMBULANCE, on the other hand, serves as a fully-equipped ambulance with a specially-developed internal design.

Table 1. Technical Features of the KİRPİ II Platform

Maximum speed 100 km/h
Maximum gradient 60%
Maximum side slope 30%
Range 750 km
Engine Cummins ISL9E3 375
Transmission Allison 3000 series
Number of gears 6 forward and 1 reverse
Transfer box ZF VG 1600
Axles Axletech ISAS 4500

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