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BMC’s VURAN 4×4 to Now Armed with a 120 mm Mortar

by MSI

The special coverage published in the 58th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review (TDR) is below:


Displaying its products at a spacious stand at Eurosatory, BMC introduced the new members of its product family as well as the updated versions of its existing products, to the attendees of the exhibition. The company displayed KİRPİ II, KİRPİ II AMBULANCE, AMAZON and Five-Ton Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) at its stand, as well as two different versions of its VURAN vehicle. The most outstanding product among these was a version of the VURAN 4×4 multi-purpose armoured vehicle featuring a 120 mm mortar, which was unveiled for the first time at Eurosatory, and which has been developed in response to a requirement of Gendarmerie General Command.

Mounting ASELSAN’s 120 mm ALKAR Mortar Weapon System in its rear section, the armour plates on the roof this new version of VURAN could be opened to deploy the weapon. The vehicle can be operated with a crew of three: a commander, a loader and a driver, and is capable of carrying 15 shells  in the safe shelves located in its interior, and can be equipped with a mortar system with either a rifled or smooth-bore barrel, depending on user requirements. The weapon system’s firing rate is 10 rounds per minute with a smooth-bore barrel and six rounds per minute with a rifled barrel.

Having completed many tests, including vehicle integration and single firing tests, BMC is now counting the days until the fire grouping tests of the mortar are launched.

The second version of VURAN presented to the interest of visitors was integrated with an ASELSAN-produced SARP DUAL Stabilised Advanced Remote Weapon System.


VURAN 4x4, equipped with a 120 mm mortar gun.

VURAN 4×4, equipped with a 120 mm mortar gun.


BMC’s Military Vehicle Family Improves Every Passing Day

BMC also brought two different versions of KİRPİ II to the exhibition. The first of these was in an ambulance configuration, which has recently been improved by the company with the addition of an independent suspension that has enhanced significantly the all-terrain capabilities of the KİRPİ II AMBULANCE. The second configuration was integrated with ASELSAN’s SARP DUAL system.

Another BMC product on display was the unmanned version of the AMAZON 4×4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle, which was unveiled at the EFES 2018 exercises held in May. This was the first time the unmanned AMAZON had been exhibited abroad.

AMAZON’s unmanned version can be operated both from inside the vehicle or controlled remotely, by the commanders decision. When utilised with a remote control, the vehicle can be operated only by the remote control device; in other words, it will not accept any commands given from inside the cabin. Should the connection between the remote control and the vehicle be lost for any reason, the vehicle shuts down and locks itself to ensure safety. The vehicle is equipped with eight cameras to maximise situational awareness, offering a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings, along with an additional driving camera.

BMC also displayed its five-ton TWV with an armoured cabin at the exhibition. The 4×4 vehicle, clad in a monocoque armour, offers ballistic protection to the personnel inside, and is a result of a recent decision by BMC to armour all of the TWVs in its product range to ensure personnel safety. This was also the first time this vehicle had been exhibited abroad.

Powered by an engine producing 285 PS (approximately 281 HP), the vehicle has a carrying capacity of 19 tons, including its own weight.

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