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CİRİT Continues to Prove Itself in the Field

by MSI

The 2.75” Laser-Guided Missile CİRİT, which has been developed with an innovative approach by Roketsan, is a leader in its class of products thanks to its distinctive characteristics and performance. Used both by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the armies of friendly and allied nations, CİRİT has proven its performance and effectiveness many times in the field.

As a missile with the longest range in its class, CİRİT can be used with different warheads in line with the requirements of the user. These warheads can be listed as follows:

  • Thermobaric warhead;
  • Multipurpose warhead with anti-armor, anti-personnel and incendiary effects;
  • High-explosive warhead.


Used actively by TAF since 2011, CİRİT stands out with the high number and type of platforms onto which it can be integrated. Among the platforms onto which CİRİT has been integrated since 2011 are helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, UAVs, and land and naval platforms, and number of these platforms is increasing every year. One such platform is Roketsan’s Pedestal Mounted CİRİT (PMC) solution. With 360° coverage and firing capability, the PMC is capable of firing both from a fixed position or while on the move thanks to the stabilized remote control missile station that can be controlled from inside the vehicle.

Roketsan, underlines that CİRİT is capable of meeting very different requirements: “We developed CİRİT with the idea of creating a cost-effective missile that can be launched from different platforms, and it is now a leader in its class with its 8 km range. CİRİT users possess a guided missile that can meet the various requirements of land, air and naval forces with a single missile production line, attracting global attention.”


*IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit

*SAL: Semi-Active Laser

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