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Demirer Defence Draws Upon Academic Experience in Fight against Mines and IEDs

by MSI

Prioritising the fight against improvised explosive devices (IED) and land mines, Demirer Defense is following technological developments in their chosen field with great attention. Keeping a close eye on the advances being made in the academic milieu and working closely with other developers of technologies in this field, the company attended the 17th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) held on June 18–21 in Switzerland.


The conference brings employees from a diverse range of application fields, including archaeology, defence, geophysics, infrastructure detection and concrete quality detection. Companies operating in this field exhibit their commercial solutions during the event to other participants, including detection devices, antennas, algorithms and software. Held in different countries since 1986, the event attracts great interest among the academic community working in this area.

Hakkı Demirer, the General Manager of Demirer Defense the only Turkish company to attend the conference, told MSI TDR: “Since the big crowds seen at large fairs don’t exist, there is a more focused environment at these events. People get to know each other better and get the chance to exchange information. As a company, we make sure we attend the important events in the sector, including IWAGPR (International Workshop for Advanced GPR) and the International GPR Conference. It is our duty to follow closely the developments in GPR technologies at an international level.”

GPR-equipped Husky armoured vehicle.

GPR-equipped Husky armoured vehicle.

Speaking about their activities, Demirer said: “We make a range of products that are used by the leading militaries around the world, maintaining a team with a high level of field experience in the fight against IEDs and mines. The systems that we provide to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) that they are utilising successfully in the field include the mine- and IED-resistant Husky armoured vehicle; Chemring’s vehicle-mounted GPR and EMI systems that utilise an automatic target identification algorithm; and IED-detection and bomb-disposal robots integrated with on-vehicle robotic arm systems. We provide services in the maintenance and repair of the solutions we offer, and manage the lifecycle of the products we provide under all circumstances. The GÜMET (Route Mine and IED Detection) team, established under the Turkish Land Forces, receives technical support for the necessary maintenance and repair services from Demirer Defense for the developed systems in their inventories, as well as training services, regardless of the location of the unit. We keep working with national and international academic institutions in order to develop our solutions in line with the conditions in Turkey and the needs of TAF.”

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