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Developed to Hit Priority Targets, KHAN Offers Life Cycle Advantage to Missile Troops

by MSI

The 610 mm KHAN missile, developed and manufactured by Roketsan, stands out in terms of its range, accuracy and effectiveness, as well as the advantage it offers to its users throughout its life cycle. Capable of hitting high priority targets with intensive and effective firepower within an army’s area of influence, KHAN also eases user processes at different phases of its life cycle thanks to its practical integration with carrier vehicles and its insulated pod.

The accuracy of the missile is provided by its guidance system, being equipped with an Inertial Navigation System (INS) backed by a Global Positioning System (GPS), ensuring effective fire support to maneuvering units by providing timely, accurate and effective firepower. KHAN missile can be stored and transported in pods, just as it can be launched from the pod configuration, the system always remains mission-ready.


One of the most distinguishing features of KHAN is its ability to be launched from the KHAN Weapon System and from Multi-Purpose Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRL), as well as from other platforms with a suitable interface for integration.

The KHAN Weapon System can function day or night, in all kinds of weather and on any type of terrain, giving the user the ability to maintain heavy fire against high-priority targets, regardless of the conditions, and provide effective fire support for maneuvering units. The 8×8 tactical launch vehicle integrated with the KHAN Weapon System is highly mobile both on-road and off-road.

Due to the system’s high level of automation, the commander may perform firing with only a three-man crew, including the loader and driver. The KHAN Weapon System can successfully employ shoot and scoot tactics by making use of the fully automatic high-tech navigation and aiming systems integrated into the weapon management system.

Capable of providing heavy fire over a long range, the KHAN Weapon System can be considered a powerful deterrent force. In addition to standard tactical missions in support of maneuvering forces, it can also assume highly critical roles over a wide range of missions, from peace support operations to attack by firing.


The KHAN Weapon System is equipped with all the necessary mechanical, electrical and electronic subsystems for the various operations required during a firing mission, including preparation, planning, tasking, ballistic calculation and aiming. By taking into account the logistic infrastructure and needs of the user, the system can be designed for different brands and models, and also in different versions that possess varying subsystems such as vehicles, radios, power systems and navigation systems.

Maintaining its support for the KHAN Weapon System in use by the Turkish Armed Forces, Roketsan signed an agreement for the KHAN Missile System Logistical Support Project with the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) on January 25th 2019. In December, a test firing, during which a target within the maximum range of the KHAN Weapon System was hit, was successfully completed.

Roketsan, talked about the KHAN Missile and KHAN Weapon System: “The KHAN Missile and KHAN Missile System are the highest capacity members of our surface-to-surface missile family, and are a clear indicator of the current level of technology and system solutions being applied by Roketsan. The effectiveness of such systems is a significant deterrent element for the user. Ensuring such sophisticated systems are always available is another aspect of their deterrence. The KHAN Missile and the KHAN Weapon System redefine standards in their respective areas due to their high availability rates and their effectiveness.”


*INS: Inertial Navigation System

*GPS: Global Positioning System

*HE: High Explosive

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