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DHMİ Continues to Opt for ONUR in Communication and Recording Systems

by MSI

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) has once again turned to ONUR for the procurement of the new generation IP-based communication (VCS) and recording (VRS) systems that will be used to ensure more effective air space management in Turkey.

Announcing this development to the public through a statement released on November 1, ONUR said that foreign companies had refused to give proposals in Turkish liras for the VCS/VRS tender launched by the DHMİ for six airports, and that ONUR had won the tender as the sole domestic producer to have submitted a proposal. The contract between the DHMİ and ONUR was signed on October 19.

The statement read as follows: “At ONUR, we are proud in the knowledge that we are fulfilling our duty to our nation by signing a contract in Turkish Liras, despite all the uncertainties of this challenging period through which we are passing.”

In 2015, ONUR won a tender for the procurements of VCS and VRS devices after outcompeting its international competitors, and the systems have been successfully delivered to the airports of Adana, Gaziantep, Siirt and Muş.

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