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EJDER YALÇIN 4×4 Steps into the European Arena

by MSI

Nurol Makine distributed a press release on May 17th, regarding its attendence to the IDEB exhibition, beeing held in Slovakia. Here is the press release:

“EJDER YALÇIN, the 4×4 Armored Combat Vehicle, which promises the highest ballistic and mine protection in its class, will be showcased at IDEB International Defence Exhibition which will be held 16-18 May in Bratislava, Slovakia.

EJDER YALÇIN is in use by Turkish security forces since 2014 and by saving its crew several times even after significant IED explosions, he proved himself as a combat proven vehicle. In service of several armies in Africa, Middle East and Asia; EJDER YALÇIN also offers special solutions for multi roles and missions. Based on user requirements, it can easily be customized to different configurations such as; Border Surveillance and Security Vehicle, Air Defence Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Mine/IED Detection-Clearence Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Personnel Carrier, CBRN Surveillance Vehicle, Mobile ATGM and Armored Ambulance.

FNSS and Nurol Makina, both are in Armored Vehicle business and having Nurol Corporate as shareholder, jointly conducts marketing of EJDER YALÇIN at Slovakia.

EJDER YALÇIN proved it’s mobility and cross country performance to Slovakian Army during comprehensive tests at December 2017. Nurol Makina General Manager Engin AYKOL who emphasized the significance of the IDEB exhibition said ‘This year’s exhibition is in a far more important for us due to the very successful field test performance of Ejder Yalcin at Slovakia, where there were more than ten vehicles from various suppliers. Thanks to our test team’s superior endeavours and the superior performance of our vehicle, EJDER YALÇIN finished these tests at with very high scores. Furthermore; FNSS’s proven success in establishing international partnerships involving technology transfers clearly shows the outstanding value of EJDER YALÇIN offer to Slovakia both in terms of technical performance and of industrialization maturity.’

EJDER YALÇIN will be welcoming its visitorswith an unusual camouflage; half in desert and the other half in khaki camouflage; at the FNSS booth located in HALL D NO: 206 at IDEB 2018”

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