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HAVELSAN Introduces Capabilities of ADVENT Combat Management System

by MSI

The news article that is in the  NSS 2019 Special Dossier published in the 76th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is here:


During the seminar, HAVELSAN introduced the technologies it has developed for naval forces and joint task forces, with HAVELSAN representatives making six different presentations.

Ziya Ulusoy, Product Manager at HAVELSAN, gave information about the MARTI Air Command and Control System, which has been designed to be integrated aboard air platforms like, maritime patrol, reconnaissance/surveillance and airborne early warning aircrafts and helicopters. HAVELSAN is continuing its efforts to develop the MARTI Air Command and Control System together with Turkish Naval Research Center Command (TNRCC / ARMERKOM). Developed by HAVELSAN’s own resources, MARTI is based on and powered by the ADVENT Combat Management System where it is expected to be used in such fields as intelligence/reconnaissance, submarine warfare, electronic warfare, search/rescue, drug trafficking prevention, migrant smuggling, human trafficking and ship hijacking events, and in preventing marine pollution.

HAVELSAN envisages that the engineering simulators to be utilised in the design of new submarines to then be used as a training simulator.

HAVELSAN envisages that the engineering simulators to be utilised in the design of new submarines to then be used as a training simulator.


Özgür Özuğur, Technology Development Group Manager at HAVELSAN, talked about how artificial intelligence can be used in combat management systems and about HAVELSAN’s activities in this field.

Musa Altılı, Holographic (AR/VR) Command and Control Systems Product Group Manager at HAVELSAN, made a presentation about the use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies in new generation command and control systems. These systems, through which HAVELSAN has moved the battlefield from 2D screens to 3D space, ensure that the huge amounts of big data produced, especially under the rapidly changing conditions in the battlefield, by surface platforms equipped with new generation weapons, sensors and radar systems, are processed and presented to users in a 3D format. He went on to explain how these systems enable, through artificial intelligence technologies, the decision-makers at command level to make fast and efficient decisions.

Firuze Ç. Kızılkayak, System Engineer at HAVELSAN, introduced the ADVENT LINK, which works under the ADVENT CMS, allowing different communication protocols to communicate with each other. This system supports Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, VMF, FFI and Web Service protocols, as well as the Multi-Link Process protocol that enables Link 11, Link 16 and Link 22 to communicate with each other.

Metin Akçin, Submarine Diving Simulator Project Manager at HAVELSAN, made a presentation about the company’s Engineering Simulator approach, which will be used to conduct integration tests during the development of new submarines, and will then be transformed into a training simulator allowing submarine simulator personnel to practice. This will allow integration tests for new submarine projects to be carried out in an environment that is more realistic than a laboratory, and to quickly develop a relatively low-cost training simulator within the same project.

In her presentation, Eylem Karaaslan, CBRN Product Manager at HAVELSAN, introduced the solutions offered by the company in the field of CBRN information systems. These solutions included:

  • CBRN BRIDGE, which ensures the integration of detection and diagnostic systems;
  • CBRN NEWS, which enables operators to collect and transmit CBRN reports quickly;
  • CBRN TRIAGE, which produces reports on the medical effects of various CBRN events;
  • CBRN MOBILE, which allows these information systems to be used on mobile devices such as mobile phones; and

CBRN MENTOR, which stands out as an end-to-end solution that incorporates all these subsystems along with various CBRN sensors.

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