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HİSAR Air Defence Missiles Have Reached the Test Stage

by MSI

The HİSAR Air Defence Missile family, which was developed to meet the low and medium-altitude air defence requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have now reached the test firing stage, using the warheads of the tactical configuration prototypes against live targets. While moving towards their product and production line qualification stages, HİSAR missiles will also include radar, command and control/fire control, electro-optic and communication elements.

HİSAR Air Defence System will also be utilized during the firing tests, which will also allow for the observation of HİSAR’s vertical launch, with a 360° effective area, as well as the performance of its dual-pulse rocket motor that provides maximum effectiveness. These tests are expected to provide critical information for system level integration testing, and to achieve significant progress in the development of the missiles.

ROKETSAN_HISARHİSAR Missiles have been developed to meet air defence requirements against threats at different altitudes: HISAR-A has a range of 15 km, whereas HİSAR-O has a range of 25 km. HİSAR missiles have been designed to target fixed- and rotary-wing air platforms as well as various types of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The missile’s high explosive fragmentation warhead possesses an impact and proximity fuse that makes it effective against different types of air targets.

Roketsan is working relentlessly with more than 100 local solution partners, in particular with Aselsan, in order to deliver the national air defence missile system HİSAR to TAF to meet their requirements.

The HİSAR Air Defence Missile family, with its common subsystems and missile interface, is preparing to play a decisive role in this field in the coming years. Roketsan, explains the future position of HISAR missiles: “The HİSAR Air Defence Missile family is being developed to include the latest technology in all its subsystems, particularly in the areas of guidance, fuses, warheads and rocket motors. Accordingly, we will not only be offering efficient air defence solutions to TAF, and to friendly and allied nations, but will also be ensuring the validity of these solutions for many years with the life cycle support to be provided by Roketsan. Our users will be able to procure these missiles without being subject to any export or utilization restrictions, and will be able to use them with confidence for their air defence”.



*INS: Inertial Navigation System

*IIR: Imaging Infrared

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