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Motor Sich to Supply Powerpacks for Mi-17 Helicopters in the Inventory of Gendarmerie General Command

by MSI

Standing out with the engines and main gearboxes it manufactures for fixed and rotary wing platforms, Motor Sich took the opportunity at the exhibition to present its turboprop, turboshaft, turbofan and turbopropfan aviation engines, as well as auxiliary power units (APUs) and helicopter main gearboxes.

Motor Sich, which is a private company, signed a 40 million dollar contract with Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant (Aviakon), an affiliate of Ukroboronprom, on September 4 with a view to meeting a need voiced by Turkish Gendarmerie General Command. Under the agreement, signed during the visit to Turkey of Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Minister of Interior, Aviakon and Motor Sich will carry out the repair, maintenance and modernisation of 17 Mi-17 helicopters in the inventory of Gendarmerie General Command. While Motor Sich will be responsible for the engine and main gearbox of helicopters, Aviakon will undertake roles related to the fuselage and other parts of the helicopters.

Motor_Sich_haberi_1 - C - MSI Dergisi

AI-450C turboprop engine


Great Interest in Motor Sich Solutions

Motor Sich’s solutions attract great interest around the world, and there are many Turkish companies among the interested parties. We learned from Anton Naumov, Director of Marketing and Sales Department at Motor Sich Helicopters, at the exhibition, that Turkish Aerospace Industries (Turkish Aerospace) is one such Turkish company, and has stated an interest in Motor Sich’s MS-500V-S and AI-450C turboprop engine families.

The MS-500V-S family’s propeller shaft power ranges between 950 and 1,050 HP, while the power output of the members of AI-450C family ranges between 285 and 544 SHP.


Motor_Sich_haberi_2 - C - MSI Dergisi

MS-500V-S turboprop engine

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