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Nurol Makina, Opens the European Door with EJDER YALÇIN and YÖRÜK

by MSI

The news article published in the 70th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is now available on our website:


Achieving significant successes in the international market recently, Nurol Makina is preparing to break new ground by entering the inventory of the Hungarian Defence Forces with EJDER YALÇIN and YÖRÜK. With the completion of the first delivery of vehicles having been made, Turkish armoured vehicles will thus for the first time enter into use in a European Union member country and a NATO member country other than Turkey.

The Hungarian Defence Forces continue to renew the vehicles and equipment in their inventory to increase their power and effectiveness. According to the obtained information, the Hungarian Defence Forces opted for the EJDER YALÇIN and YÖRÜK platforms of Nurol Makina to satisfy a need for 4×4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles. This is supported by the fact that the EJDER YALÇIN 4×4 and YÖRÜK 4×4 armoured combat vehicles in a camouflage livery were present at the “National Defence Day” activities organized by the Hungarian Defence Forces on May 17–19 at Budaörs Airport, during which the Hungarian Defence Forces showcased the platforms in their inventory as well those under the procurement process. Although there has been no official confirmation that Nurol Makina has signed a contract with Hungary for the procurement of these vehicles, it was noticed that there were Hungarian flags and Hungarian Defence Forces symbols on the vehicles exhibited at the event, which was also attended by the public.

Hungary has thus become the second and sixth foreign user of YÖRÜK and EJDER YALÇIN, respectively.

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