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Nurol Makina Prepares NMS 4X4 for Serial Production and First Delivery

by MSI

The news article that is in the second section of IDEF’19 Special Dossier published in the 71th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is now available on our website:


In the first part of the IDEF’19 Special Dossier, we reported, in general terms, the company’s participation in the event. In this section, we continue by highlighting developments to the YÖRÜK platform.

Nurol Makina showcased YÖRÜK at IDEF’19 as a platform that will bring new potential to the battlefield with its innovative features, and that has already received its first orders. Displayed as a prototype for the first time at IDEF’17, the vehicle has now completed qualification tests, and preparations are underway for the launch of serial production this year.

MSI_Dergisi_Nurol_Makina_MSI_9948 - C - Nurol Makina

YÖRÜK, the first user of which will be Qatar, is nearing the end of qualification process.


NMS 4X4 stands out from its competitors, especially with its add-on armour capability and mobility. While NMS 4X4 has a level 1 ballistic protection without add-on armour plates, it could be increased to level 4 protection with the addition of different types of armour plates. There is also no need for a particular equipment for adding and removing armour plates, when the user wants to change the level of protection according to the particular requirements of the mission. This procedure can be realized in a very short time by using standard materials that can be found even under field conditions. These changes in ballistic protection level are also applicable for the window glasses of the vehicle.

Engin Aykol, General Manager of Nurol Makina, explained the advantages of add-on armour plates as follows: “The user has the opportunity to buy 50 NMS 4X4 vehicles and 20 armour plate kits. They will be able to use NMS 4X4 without additional armour plates when there is no threat. At this configuration, NMS 4X4 has a longer range. However, before using the vehicle in a zone with a high threat risk, they can simply fit add-on armour plates in order to raise the level of protection. This flexibility of NMS 4X4 considerably reduces not only the initial procurement cost, but also the life cycle costs”.

In order for the vehicle to use add-on armour, its structure needs to be strong at the points where the armour plates are mounted. Therefore, the use of add-on armour is not possible in vehicles built without taking into account this need at the beginning or they require very expensive modifications. However, the NMS 4X4 is completely ready for add-on armour starting from the design table. Similarly, it is possible to change the window glasses of the vehicle to increase the level of protection and this characteristic is unique for NMS 4X4.

NMS 4X4 also allows the integration of different weapons systems as needed and it makes a difference during reconnaissance and surveillance missions and urban combat operations thanks to a low silhouette, a short turn radius and a high speed. The centre of gravity of the vehicle is low and it ensures a superior road handling. Its top speed of 140 km/h is at the upper segment of its class.

Users also take great advantages when they use NMS 4X4 and EJDER YALÇIN together. The use of common subsystems in these complementary vehicles allows for an easy maintenance and operation, as well as cost advantages. NMS 4X4 was exhibited at the IDEF together with the SARP ZAFER turret.


The next section of the IDEF Special Dossier will include news of EJDER YALÇIN, different versions of which were on display at the event.

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