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ONUR A.Ş. Continues its Overseas Promotional Activities at World ATM Congress

by MSI

Having extended and matured its product family through the projects it has undertaken, while successfully continuing its domestic deliveries, ONUR A.Ş. continues its promotional activities abroad at the World ATM Congress (World Air Traffic Management Congress) 2019. As the only Turkish company participating at the event, which was organized in Spain on March 12–14, ONUR A.Ş. took the opportunity to put three product groups under the spotlight. These were:

  • ED-137 Compatible IP Based Voice Transmission and Communication Solutions (IP VCS/VRS)
  • Air Traffic Control Management Solutions
  • Voice Communication Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

ONUR A.Ş.’s voice communication solutions for UAVs have proven themselves with more than 60,000 hours of operation in Turkey. During the exhibition, the company briefed visitors about the civil applications of these systems. The company displayed its IP VCS/VRS products at the exhibition, allowing potential users to experience the real system, while posters and film shows were displayed to promote its Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower.

The company’s IP VCS/VRS systems are compatible with EUROCAE ED-137, ensuring that modern communication systems and conventional systems can work together. The systems offer their users a cost-effective solution with proven hardware and user-friendly interfaces for all civil and military air control applications.

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