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ONUR Continues to be DHMİ’s Choice for Communication and Registration Systems

by MSI

Alper ÇALIK / milscint.com

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) has once again opted for ONUR for the procurement of new generation IP-based communication (VCS) and recording (VRS) systems, to be used to ensure more effective air space management in Turkey.

A statement released by the company reported that foreign companies had refused to give proposals in Turkish liras for the VCS/VRS tender launched by the DHMİ for six airports, and that ONUR had won the tender as the sole domestic producer to have submitted a proposal. The contract between the DHMİ and ONUR was signed on October 19.

Noyan Dede, General Manager of ONUR, shared with MSI TDR his thoughts on the subject:  “When foreign companies refused to submit offers in Turkish liras, we became the only company in the bidding process. However, as we were the bidder with the most cost-effective offer in previous tenders, we had no doubt that we were giving the best proposal also for this tender. Rolling out competitive and innovative solutions is a must for us. At ONUR, we will continue in the coming period to offer solutions that are both innovative and competitive.”

In 2015, ONUR won a tender for four VCS and VRS products, outcompeting its international competitors, and the systems were successfully delivered to the airports in Adana, Gaziantep, Siirt and Muş.


Field Acceptance Activities Completed in Projects for Turkish Air Force

Onur_DHMI_2 - C - Onur AS

ONUR has successfully competed its field acceptance tests within the scope of the Mobile and Fixed TACAN Systems Provision Project and the Air Defence Radio Network Project (HSTA), which the company is conducting as the prime contractor to meet a requirement of Turkish Air Force (TurAF). ONUR released a statement concerning these developments on October 3, and the field acceptance tests of the projects, which were all initiated by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), were performed with the participation of officials from both TurAF and the SSB.

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