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ONUR to Develop Network-Enabled Capability Infrastructure for Coast Guard

by MSI

The news article that is in the second section of IDEF’19 Special Dossier published in the 71th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is now available on our website:


ONUR highlighted its Coast-Net Project at the IDEF’19, in which it is developing a hybrid system that can utilize multiple communication channels, like in the Naval Radio Tactical Network (DETTA) Project it is carrying for Naval Forces Command. The aim in the project is to establish the necessary infrastructure for the inter-communication of Coast Guard Command’s naval units and units on the shore.

Within the project, ONUR has also been tasked with developing recording and backup solutions, which are of critical importance, as records of communications may be required as evidence for use in judicial processes, given Coast Guard Command’s status as a law enforcement agency. It will also be possible to use the system outside the main platforms aboard which it is installed.

When going onboard a platform they will be inspecting with control boats or other means, coast guard units will remain connected to the network with portable devices and continue to use the system. As the bulk of the activities of coast guard units are carried out close to the shore, the system will make use of cellular telephone networks.

The company will start to integrate the system into different platforms in 2020 within the scope of the contract signed with the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB).

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