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Otokar Doubles Exports in 2018

by MSI

Otokar, which already serves 55 users in more than 30 countries that includes Turkey, managed to double its exports in 2018 compared with the preceding year. The 2018 Operating Report issued by Otokar in February 22 highlighted in particular the first deliveries of the RABDAN 8×8 armoured vehicles to the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates.

According to the report, Otokar’s exports totalled $211 million in 2018. With a total turnover of ₺1.7 billion in 2018, Otokar’s exports accounted for 65% of its turnover, up from 31% in 2017. Designing, developing and manufacturing wheeled and tracked vehicles in the field of defence, Otokar’s main operations in 2018 were highlighted in the report as follows:

  • Serial production of RABDAN 8×8 has begun at Otokar’s Sakarya plant under a $661 million contract signed between Al Jasoor (Cesur), a joint venture of Otokar and Tawazun, and the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates. Upon the successful completion of their manufacture, the first RABDAN armoured vehicles passed their floating and firing tests, as well as their acceptance tests conducted at the plant, and the first lot were delivered to the end user.
  • An Asian country has placed a $28.9 million order for COBRA II.
  • Integrated with a mortar detection radar, COBRA II has entered into use in the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).
  • An addition to the family of military products, the TULPAR light tank was displayed at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris for the first time.

Otokar’s largest export in the field of commercial vehicles was to the Bucharest Municipality.  Under the signed contract, the export took the form of a purchase for 400 buses, the deliveries of which have already begun.


“We Are Focusing on Long-Term Goals”

Speaking on the company’s goals for 2019 in his message within the report, Yıldırım Ali Koç, Chairman of the Board of Otokar, said: “We predict that domestic demand will continue to contract in the upcoming period, and we are taking care to focus on long-term goals in this challenging period. We will keep abreast of rapid changes in technologies by correctly interpreting the changing circumstances and our customers’ expectations and needs, while also continuing to produce products and services with high value added in the most efficient manner by making use of the opportunities offered by digital technologies. While doing this, we also focus on operational perfection in strict compliance with environment-friendly business ethics, and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to maintain our leading position in the domestic bus market; to increase our share in the target markets through the new commercial vehicles we develop; and to raise the number of our products found in the military vehicle inventories of our current customers, while also penetrating into new markets in 2019.”

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