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Öztekin Defence Meets Critical Requirements Relating to Mines and IEDs through a Sustainable Model

by MSI

You can read the content published in the IDEF 2019 Special Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


The recent rise in the threat of mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) has brought a need for rapid and effective measures. Operating in this specific area, Öztekin Defence works together with its foreign partner to meet this critical need of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) by offering the optimum solutions. The company is also working to increase the ratio of indigenousness of its products so as to provide sustainable life cycle support.


Based on its studies, launched with a view to developing a rapid and effective solution to counter the growing threat of mines and IEDs faced by TAF, Öztekin Defence has drawn up a road map that comprises direct procurements, to begin with, followed by indigenisation efforts. Öztekin Defence’s detailed investigations, aimed at providing the best products to the end user, led it to cross paths with the CEIA in 2013. The technology and ease of use of CEIA products that were brought for testing purposes truly impressed and satisfied the end user, leading Öztekin Defence and CEIA to receive their first purchase order. User satisfaction was further enhanced by the rapid delivery of the ordered goods.

Mine and IED search and detection devices rank among the leading solutions being deployed in the field for the protection of human life, and TAF opted for the CEIA CMD model, considered to be one of the most advanced models available on the market. Greatly appreciated by the heroic TAF personnel in the execution of their duties, the products of the CEIA CMD family inspire confidence with their numerous superior features:

  • Sensitivity,
  • User-friendliness,
  • Minimum maintenance requirements in the field,
  • Compatible for operation with other devices, such as signal disruptors and jammers,
  • Ergonomic design,
  • Battery life,
  • Boosting confidence among users with a signal emitted every four seconds,
  • Rapid charge feature and ability to be charged both from the grid and from vehicles.



Resim3CEIA CMD detectors can function day and night, in all types of terrain. They are unaffected by rain or snow, and can operate under all operational conditions. Used at fore of advancing personnel and forces, CEIA CMD detectors are successfully ensuring the security of our troops.

Following the delivery of the first orders, the highly positive feedback from the field prompted CEIA to further prioritise Turkey as a client. Öztekin Defence and CEIA – for which Öztekin Defence is the representative in Turkey – continues to rapidly and effectively provide all necessary support for the products, which are serving admirably in the field.

Commenting on the success of the products they have delivered, Ahmet Tolga Öztekin, General Manager of Öztekin Defence, said: “The materials and equipment we have delivered recently are being used to great effect in the TAF’s domestic and foreign operations. We are garnering very positive feedback about them. The fact that our products have made it into the inventory of TAF and have generated such much positive feedback certainly makes us proud, encouraging us to tirelessly pursue even greater targets in homeland defence.”



CEIA CMD detectors stand out in particular with their ergonomic designs.

CEIA CMD detectors stand out in particular with their ergonomic designs.

Next Step is Indigenisation

Thanks to the rapid maintenance and repair system it has established, Öztekin Defence can remotely support its detectors and users on a 24/7 basis. Work on the detectors that require maintenance or repairs is carried out in a timely manner by expert personnel from the company’s main factories, and the necessary support is provided such that TAF personnel can execute their mission safely.

Öztekin Defence is also working on indigenising and domestically producing the superior solutions it offers. To this end, it is currently discussing with CEIA the possibility of joint production. In addition to the subject of joint production, there are also plans to build a testing centre that will be a first of its kind in Turkey, and will contribute further to Turkey’s infrastructure and facilities.

Engaging in research with a view to meeting other homeland security requirements, Öztekin Defence plans to gain a larger place under the spotlight with the additional contributions it will make in the coming period.


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