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Polish Navy Opts for Leonardo AW101 Helicopter

by MSI

You can read the article published in the May 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


Leonardo was awarded a €380 million contract by the Polish Ministry of Defence on April 26 for the supply of four AW101 helicopters and related services. The main contractor in the contract, which includes a comprehensive integrated logistic support services and a training package, is the Polish PLZ-Świdnik company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo.

The helicopters are expected to be delivered by 2022 and will perform a broad range of missions, including antisubmarine warfare and combat search and rescue. The AW101 helicopter has already entered the inventory of various users, including a number of NATO member states. PLZ-Świdnik has played a significant role in the production of these helicopters.

The base configuration of the AW101 has a maximum take-off weight of 15.6 tonnes and is powered by three high-power General Electric CT7-8E engines that provide a significant payload and performance advantage over their closest competitors and that increase flight safety. In flight, the AW101 can maintain cruising speed with two of its engines, ensuring fuel economy and longer ranges. The ballistic resistant gearbox of the AW101 can operate for more than 30 minutes in the event of sudden loss of oil, providing additional safety and survivability. The modern avionics installed aboard the helicopter include a state-of-the-art glass cockpit with five wide displays ensuring enhanced situational awareness and low pilot workload.

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