Home Issue: August 2019/072

Issue: August 2019/072


2023 Export Targets of the Sector Updated (?)

06           INTERVIEW

Murat İkinci, General Manager of STM:

“Our interests are not limited to our own country; we’re aiming also for the world markets.”

12           SPECIAL COVERAGE: IDEF’19 / PART 3

  • FNSS Presents Tank Hunter of the Future: KAPLAN ANTI-TANK
  • Roketsan Offers Man-Portable Anti-Tank Weapon: KARAOK
  • Mature EJDER YALÇIN at the Service of the World’s Armies with New Versions
  • ASPİLSAN Offers Tangible Products in the Field of Energy Storage Systems
  • Airbus Defence and Space Shows its Support to Turkey
  • AVS Offers Specific Suits for Every User
  • AYESAŞ Offers Specific Solutions for Domestic and Foreign Users
  • BMC Unveils AKTAN
  • CES Advanced Composites Raises the Bar in the Competition
  • Collins Aerospace Set to Carry the Legacy of its Past into the Future
  • HENSOLDT Stands by Turkish Companies and Users with its Critical Sensor Solutions
  • Karel, a Communication Solution Partner in the Defence Sector, Offers New Solutions in the Field of Military Communication Electronics
  • Makel Showcases Koraltay Indigenous and National Safe Transport Box Solutions Family
  • MKEK Offers 120 mm Smooth-Bore Mortar System
  • MPG’s 8×8 Vehicle for the Recovery of TAF’S Armoured Vehicles
  • Vehicles of High Firepower by OTOKAR: TULPAR Medium Tank and AKREP IIe
  • SYS Brings one of the World’s most Realistic Training System to Turkey with Simunition


Turkish Defence and Aerospace Sector Makes an Appearance in Russia

  • Turaç Showcases Rifle Cartridges for the First Time in Russia

44           SPECIAL COVERAGE: Paris Air Show’19

National Combat Aircraft Takes the Stage at Paris Air Show for Global Launch

  • OSSA Holds Over 300 Meetings at Paris Air Show
  • HENSOLDT’s Bespoke Anti-Drone Systems
  • Falco Xplorer High on Leonardo’s PAS 2019 Agenda, while Agenda for Turkey Focuses on Flight Training
  • Roketsan Unveils Micro Satellite Launch System and Navigation Solutions
  • REPKON Makes Debut at PAS
  • Raytheon Offers a Holistic Approach to Anti-Drone Defence
  • Highlights of PAS 2019

54           INTERVIEW

Sedat ALANTAR, Business Development Manager at DEICO Engineering:

“Our aim is to turn DEICO into a technology company with products and solutions worldwide.”


Nero Industries Wards Off CBRN Threats with MARS Systems

62           ANALYSIS / Sinan TOPUZ


Last Year in the Global Warship Market:

Different Approaches from Major Players


A Show of Force by Bulgaria to Mark Anniversary of the Entry into Service of Three Aircraft

72           DEFENCE NEWS

  • Defence and Aerospace Sector’s 2023 Targets Fleshed Out
  • First Components of S-400 Long-Range Air and Missile Defence System Arrive in Ankara
  • Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mohamad Meets the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Sector
  • F-35 Crisis Between Turkey and the United States Deepens
  • Anova, Unidef and AEI Systems to Work Together on the Design, Development and Production of Next-Generation Weapon Systems
  • ARES 150 HERCULES, the Flagship of the Qatar Coast Guard, Takes Centre Stage at Inauguration Ceremony of Al-Daayen Naval Base
  • FNSS Once Again Brings Modelling Enthusiasts Together
  • Developed Under the Sponsorship of FNSS, Devrim19 will Represent Turkey in Germany and Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Trade and HAVELSAN to Cooperate in Digital Transformation
  • Meteksan Defence’s YAKAMOS Sonar to Serve Aboard Pakistan’s MİLGEM-Class Ships
  • IP-VCS Developed by ONUR A.Ş. for UAVs, Granted Approval for the Supplier Quality Management System
  • Otokar Increases Share of Exports in Turnover to 81 Percent
  • Sector’s Works in the Field of Informatics Recognised with an Award
  • Organized under the Auspices of the SSB, Cyber Café Brings Defence and Cybersecurity Sectors Together
  • CANİK Successfully Passes Tests in Indonesia
  • Yonca-Onuk Shipyard Continues MRTP12 Deliveries to the Navy

86           AROUND THE WORLD

  • A New Milestone in Airbus A400M Programme: 50 Paratroopers Jump from a Single Side Door
  • HENSOLDT’s Twinvis Passive Radar Proves Its Mettle in Air Traffic Control
  • Serbia to Become New User of Mistral 3
  • Rheinmetall and BAE Systems Shake Hands for the Creation of a New Join Venture

88           AMAC EVENTS

  • The 243rd Independence Day of the United States of America
  • National Day of the Republic of Belarus
  • Japan Self-Defence Forces Day
  • National Day of Switzerland and Defence Attache Farewell
  • National Day of France
  • National Day of Belgium
  • National Day of the Arab Republic Egypt
  • Chinese People’s Liberation Army Day
  • Handover Ceremony for the Defence Attaché of Austria
  • Handover Ceremony for the Defence Attachés of Finland


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