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Roketsan’s Ballistic Protection Solutions Proven in the Field

by MSI

Diversifying its solutions in the field of ballistic protection, Roketsan has secured a place among the companies whose solutions have proven themselves in the field after a number of its products have successfully completed field missions. Having designed, manufactured and successfully completed the qualification of an armor system for the ALTAY main battle tank, Roketsan is extending its cluster of solutions in ballistic protection with the recent addition of new products. Explosive reactive armor (ERA) system applications are among the new products that have been wheeled out by Roketsan, providing protection against anti-tank ammunition with tandem warhead. Using the insensitive explosives developed by Roketsan, the ERA solution minimizes peripheral damage while facilitating easy dismantling and upgrading thanks to its modular design. It can be adapted to armored vehicles, and does not require maintenance during its life cycle.

Working on projects to replace the armor packets of the M60T tanks used by Turkish Land Forces in collaboration with Aselsan, Roketsan has already completed the design and verification of the armor systems as part of modernization of M60A3 tanks. Roketsan is also carrying out operations related to the modernization of tanks owned by the Pakistani Armed Forces.

Roketsan has completed development of the light Elastic Layered Armor System that will be used on the BMC KIRPI vehicles in the inventory of a foreign user, as well as various vehicles in the inventory of Turkish users. Providing protection also against threats posed by Rocket-Propelled Grenades, the system has been mounted on KIRPI vehicles to date and, logistical support activities are under way.

Having included helicopters in its ballistic protection solutions, Roketsan is now developing base, side and seat armor systems for helicopters, and has mounted its first armor systems on the S-70 BLACK HAWK helicopters in the inventory of the General Command of Gendarmerie. The company is currently designing armor packages for different versions of these helicopters.


The ballistic protection solutions developed by Roketsan for stationary facilities can be listed as follows:

  • RZB-20 Armor Block, comprised of high strength composite protection panels for the protection of military base zones.
  • RZP-10 Spall Liner, used to provide protection against mortar threats in container living areas.
  • RZK-7 Armor Cage, which provides protection to military zones against RPG threats.

Pointing out that ballistic protection systems are critical for the protection of security staff, Roketsan commented on its approach to this product family: “Ballistic protection systems need to be developed as fast as the threats they are intended to counter. The solutions offered by Roketsan to its customers continue to show how closely the company has been monitoring developments and is ability to develop rapid solutions. One of the primary advantages of Roketsan in that area is that we are also working on rocket and missile systems, the aim of which is to overcome ballistic protection systems. This characteristic grants Roketsan a very advantageous position that we make use of for the benefit of our customers. Our solutions have begun proving themselves in the field, demonstrate that we are able to keep our promises.”


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