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Roketsan’s CIDA Brings Innovation to Urban Warfare

by MSI

Roketsan has speeded up its works to fill an important requirement in the field of urban warfare with the CIDA, a light and cost-effective missile that can be used easily and rapidly, and that can be guided to its target accurately while ensuring low collateral damage. CIDA has been designed by taking into account the topographic uncertainties of the combat area, and the rapid movement of threats during urban operations. It thus ensures the security of civilians and property. Thanks to its precision guidance systems and ease of use, this cost-effective solution is efficient over short and close distances, CIDA was displayed for the first time at IDEF’19.


CIDA Weapon System can be classified as a weapon that stands between the advanced guided missiles and unguided rockets that can be used by the infantry. CIDA is being devised as a smart system that can be used by troops who have difficulties advancing in the face of ambush or improvised explosive device (IED) threats, especially in narrow streets, to hit targets precisely at a very short distance. With the completion of the concept development and verification phase, efforts at developing the system are continuing at full speed.


Speaking about the CIDA Weapon System, Roketsan stated the following: “Roketsan always lends an ear to its users. The Urban Warfare Combat Weapon CIDA aims to offer an efficient and innovative combat weapon that is needed by the Turkish Armed Forces and allied countries. This cost-effective weapon concept, which is easily adaptable to precision guidance, is a product that we expect to become highly sought-after, owing to its ability to ensure the security of civilians and property during urban operations.”



*SAL: Semi-Active Laser

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