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SEDEC Coordinator Hilal Ünal Türkan Visits AMAC Dean Brigadier General Tarek Baccouche

by MSI

Hilal Ünal Türkan, SEDEC Coordinator, visited Brigadier General Tarek Baccouche, Dean of the Ankara Military Attaché Corps (AMAC), on 13 December, when she presented the Brigadier General with an invitation and provided information on the international aspect of the SEDEC event.

AMAC Magazine, the official publication of AMAC, is among the Press Sponsors of the fair, which will be held on 2–4 June 2020, and so SEDEC is expected to welcome through its doors many of the foreign military attachés serving in Turkey. During the meeting, the potential benefits to AMAC members through their participation, as well as the export targets of the fair, were discussed. Hilal Ünal Türkan suggested organising a specific “AMAC Session” that would allow presentations to be made to the foreign military attachés attending the fair, along with some special events and B2G meetings for the AMAC members.


Having breathed new life into the sector in respect of its theme, SEDEC was organised for the first time on 3–5 July 2018 and was attended by high-level purchasing delegations from 39 countries who took part in some 4,200 business meetings. As in 2018, SEDEC 2020 will be held at the ATO Congresium in Ankara with the support of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI). The event is expected to grow into a strategic summit where defence and security professionals from both Turkey and abroad meet, by bringing together the leading national and international players engaged in such fields as homeland security, border security, internal security and defence systems.



Official invites to SEDEC have been sent out to:

  • representatives from the Ministry of National Defence, the Land, Naval and Air Forces Commands, the General Command of Gendarmerie, Turkish Coast Guard Command, the Turkish National Police, the Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency and the Directorate General of Migration Management;
  • foreign military attachés serving in Turkey;
  • officials from the FRONTEX (European Border and Coast Guard Agency);
  • representatives of private sector companies that make purchases for military forces and police organisations abroad;
  • representatives of domestic prime contractors, including ASELSAN, FNSS, HAVELSAN, MKEK, Roketsan and Turkish Aerospace; and
  • representatives from such foreign companies as Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, MBDA and Rolls-Royce.

The B2B and B2G meetings to be held at the event will allow the participants to come together to discuss potential avenues for business.

Aiming to become the leader in its field in the sector, SEDEC will continue to be organised biennially in the even years.

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