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SemproConX19 Promotes Experience in Configuration Management

by MSI

You can read the special coverage published in the December 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


SEMPRO, a company that provides various training and consultancy services to the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, hosted the international SemproConX19 Conference on 18–19 November in Ankara, attended by many well-known names in product and configuration management. The event focused on business excellence and digital transformation, with various names, who are considered doyens in their respective fields, and who work in some of the largest companies in the sector, sharing their experiences with the participants.


Organised with professionals and senior executives working in the field of product management in mind, the event hosted 204 people from 54 companies. The sponsors of the event, which was supported by many companies in various ways, were as follows:

  • Platinum Sponsor: Dassault Systemes
  • Silver Sponsors: ARGE PLM, Upchain
  • Bronze Sponsor: FNSS

MSI Turkish Defence Review (MSI TDR) contributed as the Official Publication and Media Sponsor of the event, while Techvisor, EnginSoft Turkey and HAVELSAN were among the organisations supporting the event.

In the section of the conference where experiences of the CM2 method in process excellence and PLM applications for digitalisation were shared, employees of Arçelik, ASELSAN, ASML, CIMdata, Configit, ESEN, FNSS, HAVELSAN, IpX, Nurol Makina, Roketsan, SUB-ZERO, TAOS, TEI and TÜBİTAK SAGE delivered speeches and gave presentations.

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SEMPRO to Increase the Number of CM2 Professionals

Delivering the opening speech at the event, Semiha Yaşar, Founder of SEMPRO, said: “As you all know, the world is in a state of constant change and transformation. Terms such as “Industry 4.0” and “Digital Transformation” have started to be widely used. Around the world, conferences, meetings and workshops on digitalisation such as this one are being held to discuss what can be done on a sectoral basis for the digital transformation. Why are we talking about this? What do we change, transform and manage? In order to understand customer needs, and while defining and developing products and infrastructures, a company’s digital transformation needs to be planned correctly, and an appropriate plan needs to be developed based on the answers to the questions of ‘Who are we addressing? What are we doing? and How are we doing it?’”

MSI TDR contributed as the Official Publication and the Media Sponsor of the event. Semiha Yaşar, Founder of SEMPRO, presented a sponsorship plaque to Naile Bayraktar, General Coordinator of MSI TDR.

MSI TDR contributed as the Official Publication and the Media Sponsor of the event. Semiha Yaşar, Founder of SEMPRO, presented a sponsorship plaque to Naile Bayraktar, General Coordinator of MSI TDR.

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Yaşar shared some statistics on the CM2 training provided by SEMPRO:

  • 68 CM2 certification trainings have been held with 575 participants from 43 companies.
  • 106 people have completed the trainings up to the level of CM2-06 and have reached the CM2C level.
  • 28 people have completed the trainings up to the level of CM2-09 and reached the CM2P level.

MSI_9182 MSI_9183

The Configuration Management Game held on the second day of the event helped in the consolidation of theoretical issues.


In his speech, Ray Wozny, CEO of IpX, stated that any participants seeking to obtain the maximum benefit from SemproConX19 should communicate with as many people as possible throughout the event, as this is critical for the accumulation of valuable information. At this point, Wozny took a break from his presentation, and called on the attendees in the hall to introduce themselves to the people sitting close to them that they had never met before.

The event continued with presentations by the guest speakers, and three panels on the following topics, in the order they were held:

  • The Role of Configuration Management in Companies
  • How Should Product Management of the Future Be?
  • The Contribution of the CM2 Methodology in Digital Transformation

1_ipx_MS2_8962x 1_ipx_MSI_8844x


IpX: The Developer of the CM2 Method

Among those who gave presentations during the event were IpX officials. Paul Kaiser, Vice President of IpX, said that digital transformation is based on four main pillars, namely people, processes, systems and data, and that any transformation process that ignores any of these pillars is doomed to failure.

Guido Weischedel, General Manager and Lead Instructor of IpX Europe, spoke about the similarities between the Agile software development approach and CM2. He touched on the importance of Agile for the transformation of business processes, and said that Agile informed “how to do something” rather than “what to do”. Weischedel said that Agile is the fastest and safest project development approach among the accepted methods in the world, adding that many successful companies in the world had adopted this approach.

IpX is the original developer of the CM2 method, and has provided CM2 training to 1,800 different organisations to date. An event similar to the SemproConX19 held by SEMPRO is held annually by IpX in the United States under the title of “IpX ConX”, and among the attendees of the 32nd such event held this year were employees of ASELSAN, FNSS, HAVELSAN and Roketsan.

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Configit Offers a Configurator for Every Need

Representatives of Configit, one of SEMPRO’s business partners in the field of configurator solutions, were among those taking part in the event, during which Henrik Reif Andersen, CSO of Configit, made a presentation. Andersen explained the capabilities of the configurator solutions offered by his company, giving various examples. He said that the new Defender 2020 model offered by Land Rover, which is among Configit’s customers, has both military and civilian versions, and added that Land Rover is able to manage the 1021 reproducible combinations of the Defender 2020 as a result of the solutions offered by Configit.



Peter A. Bilello, President of CIMdata, talked about his company’s training and support services in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and digital transformation. “In PLM, we work to maximise our ability to design, deliver and support innovative products and services,” said Bilello.

SEMPRO organises PLM trainings at various intervals in collaboration with CIMdata. Although many different PLM solutions with significant costs are available around the world, thanks to the PLM trainings provided by the two companies, independently of these solutions, companies can make better investment decisions when selecting the most suitable PLM tool for them.

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FNSS, One of the First Turkish Companies to Apply CM2 in Turkey

During the event, various presentations were given also by FNSS employees, including Barış Kocabaşoğlu, Configuration Management Unit Manager at FNSS, who was the first expert to receive CM2 education in Turkey. Kocabaşoğlu said that when a new project is of concern, the concept of configuration management is still not implemented at the outset of the project, unless the customer or the purchasing authority demands it.

Mehmet Tunç, Configuration Management and TDP Development Department Manager at FNSS, gave a presentation entitled “Industry 4.0 and FNSS’ Digitalisation Efforts”. He said that the majority of companies in the world were at the level of Industry 2.0 and 3.0. Noting that FNSS has various objectives with regard to digitalisation processes, Tunç said that the company uses 70 different items of software, including ERP, PLM and CAD.

Ela Tuncer, Senior Lead Manufacturing Engineer at FNSS, was among the speakers during the first panel of the event.

5_roketsan_1_MS2_8349x 5_roketsan_2_MS2_8438x


Roketsan’s Digital Transformation Journey

The Roketsan employees attending the event spoke about Roketsan’s journey in CM2 and digital transformation in their presentations, sharing the solutions they had developed for problems they encountered during this process.

Cenk Önen, Air and Missile Defence Systems Director at Roketsan, said that companies are generally divided into three groups, namely design-oriented, engineering-oriented and product-oriented. He stated that Roketsan – an engineering-oriented company – is on a journey of transformation to become a product-oriented company. He added that Roketsan encourages its suppliers to use some, but not all, of the methods used as part of the CM2 model, such as naming and numbering.

5_roketsan_4_MSI_8862xDuygu Abadan Seven, PLM Software Engineer at Roketsan, made a presentation entitled “CM2-Based Physical Administrative Hierarchy Applications for Product Life Cycle Management Systems”. In her presentation, Seven touched upon the details of her master’s thesis she had prepared recently using examples from Roketsan.

Emrah Tufan, Digital Product Continuity Project Leader at Roketsan, talked about the processes related to the management of products through digital platforms, and explained Roketsan’s works in this direction. Describing the transformation of Roketsan as a result of “Competence-Based Work”, Tufan stated that it was necessary to make the whole company speak the same language.

Nuray Cömert, Chief of the Configuration and Product Management Division at Roketsan, and Murat Kavuşan, PLM Specialist and Senior Engineer Configuration Management and Product Development at Roketsan took part in the first and last panels of the event as speakers.

5_roketsan_3_MS2_8585x 5_roketsan_5_MSI_9427x



6_nurol_mak_MS2_8532xConfiguration Management Applications at Nurol Makina

İrem Sevilmiş, Configuration Management Technical Leader at Nurol Makina, was among the speakers of the first panel of the event, where she talked about the configuration management applications in her company. She said that under ideal conditions, the configuration management function in companies should be organised as a separate unit, but added that this function could be carried out under the R&D department in the beginning. Sevilmiş noted that Nurol Makina is currently transitioning to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.



7_havelsan_MSI_9325xHAVELSAN Applies Configuration Management to Software

In his presentation entitled “Digital Thread/ Software Life Cycle Management in the Digital World”, Hüseyin Emre Uslu, Configuration Management Team Leader at HAVELSAN, talked about the differences between physical production and software production. He noted that the lifecycle of software does not differ greatly from that of a physical product, and informed the participants about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) – a version of PLM developed for software applications. Focusing on the question “Why do we need ALM when there is PLM?”, Uslu said that there are some specific requirements for software that differ from the requirements of physical production. He went on to state that in companies engaged in both physical production and the development of software, PLM and ALM should work in harmony with each other.


Configuration Management Game Puts Theory into Practice

The event also featured a Configuration Management Game that was managed by Martin Haket, Configuration Management Business Architect, and Martijn Dullaart, Lead Architect for Enterprise Configuration Management, of ASML. The game provided the participants with the opportunity to practice configuration processes, while also providing some fun memories. As part of the game, the participants were first divided into teams. Then, each team was divided into three separate groups, namely engineering, procurement and operations, and the participants were asked to complete the configuration processes assigned to them, within a period of 25 minutes.



CM2 Addresses Large Audiences

Many employees from companies representing the different divisions of the defence and aerospace sector were among those who delivered speeches at SemproConX19. The event also hosted speakers from the civil sector. Other names who gave presentations at SemproConX19 were:

  • Can Doğan, Solution Adviser, Dassault Systems
  • Sıtkı Öğütçü, Founder and General Manager, ARGE PLM
  • John Laslavic, CEO and Founder, Upchain
  • Kerem Hacıkamiloğlu, Chief Research Engineer, TÜBİTAK SAGE
  • Nazan Gözay Gürbüz, Founder, TAOS Certification and Engineering
  • Onur Üye, Senior Technical Leader, TEI
  • Ayşin İslam, Lead Engineer, ASELSAN
  • Şadiye Göçer, Senior R&D Specialist, Arçelik Washing Machine Plant
  • Mike McKinney, Corporate CM2 System Leader, Sub-Zero Group


Applied Workshops Reinforce Experience

The conference held as part of SemproConX19 continued throughout 20–22 November with various applied parallel workshops and training activities. The titles, durations and contents of these trainings were as follows:

  • CM2-13 Optimisation of Software Life Cycle with CM2 (2 days): During the training, how to apply the CM2 model and integrated process excellence to the configuration management process of a software was explained.
  • CM2-15 Operational Excellence Boot Camp (2 days): Participants in this training event, were introduced to methods that will enable them to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the processes applied in the organisations.
  • CM2 Fast-Track Change Process Workshop (2 days): During the workshop, tips on how to efficiently manage changes in an organisation were discussed.
  • IpX-21 Item interchangeability and Re-Identification Workshop (1 day): In this workshop, information was given about Naming and Numbering, Requirements Management, Variant Management, Tracking Changes and Re-Identification.
  • CIMdata PLM Certificate Program (3 days): This training aims to help in the making of right decisions prior to a PLM investment. PLM system architectures and current trends were introduced, and an overview of the PLM market was provided.

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