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SUPROBOX Highlights Personal Cases, Weapons Cases and Rack-Type Cases

by MSI

The news article that is in the second section of DSEI 2019 Special Dossier published in the 76th  issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is here:


Makel, one of the leading players in Europe in its field, displayed a wide range of products under the SUPROBOX brand at the event. With over 225 safe transport cases in its product range, the products highlighted by the company were its Personal Cases and Weapons Cases, and the Rack-Type Cases made specifically for electronic equipment.

Personal Case, with two portable shelves.

Personal Case, with two portable shelves.


The Personal Case, allows military personnel to store all kinds of personal belongings, and carry them with ease. Perfect for clothes, gear, boots, shoes, personal care products, etc. The case can be used for safe transport, or can serve as a storage locker for long-term operations.

Features two deep multi-function removable storage trays. The Personal Case has three butterfly locks to ensure it remains shut tight during transport, and a padlock hasp as an added feature to secure the contents whenever necessary. The cases are already in use in barracks all over the world.


Weapons Case

Weapons Case

The Weapons Case, not only ensures the safe transport of weapons but becomes a weapons storage locker once deployed. Six rifles, such as the MPT-76, MPT-55 and AR-15, plus 18 magazines can be carried in the case as standard. The weapons storage slots inside the case are adjustable and can hold weapons of different types and sizes used by special operations units. The belt lock inside the case guarantees safe storage of weapons at the same time allowing quick access in emergency situations when the case is used as a weapons storage locker.

Rack-Type Cases offer ideal solutions for field missions, providing safe transport and stacking for electronic and other sensitive equipment, with the highest level of protection against water, dust, moisture and vibration.

All SUPROBOX cases can be lifted by forklift truck and are compatible with the Multi-Brix system, which allows stacking of different sizes and types on top of each other.

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