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Suprobox: Protective Transport Cases, Suitable for All Types of Equipment

by MSI

You can read the content published in the IDEF 2019 Special Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


Suprobox offers a broad product range in the area of protective transport cases with more than 200 sizes. At IDEF’19 the company is presenting its custom-made solutions, suitable for the transportation of delicate equipment. With a wide range of impact resistant transport cases for a variety of equipment, from ammunition to small arms, and from communication devices to mini UAVs, the company’s most outstanding product is the Rack series, which has been developed especially for electronic equipment.


Turnkey Solutions

All Suprobox products are designed and developed based on original concepts. The company delivers specially-designed turnkey shock-absorbing and dampening systems, for the equipment inside, in accordance with customer requirements.

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Built for Endurance

Suprobox transport cases are produced as a solid uniform structure from a special polymer material that is shock and impact resistant. The lids of these cases contain grids that further increase their structural resistance, while the bodies of the cases rely on embedded bands to ensure rigidity. The original cubic stacking patterns applied to the cases further enhance their resistance to pressure changes. Thanks to their patented multibrix stacking system, cases of both similar and different dimensions can be stacked both lengthwise and widthwise.

One of Suprobox’s key capabilities is its ability to respond rapidly to customer requests by offering considerably shorter supply timelines compared to industry standards. Suprobox has become a direct supplier to Turkish prime contractors such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN and TUBITAK, as well as military units such as the Turkish Special Forces and Commando Brigades.

Suprobox is also available worldwide through local representatives.

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Resistant to Environmental Conditions

Suprobox cases are tested to MIL-STD 810G standard, making them resistant to impact, and harsh environmental conditions such as low and high temperatures, humidity, water, vibration, ultraviolet light and dust.

Each case comes with silicone o-ring seal and pressure relief valve. In addition to their stainless-steel locks, the cases can, depending on customer requirements, also be equipped with humidity indicators, hinged lids, attachment points for padlocks and tie down rings. Edge casters on the cases, which are embedded in their lower corners do not impede with stacking and become operational when the case is lifted from one end by the handle.

Rack type cases

Rack type cases

Protective Rack Type Cases for Electronic Devices

Suprobox Rack type cases, which have been developed specifically for electronic equipment contain a shock absorbing interface and metal rack frame instead of the usual shock absorbing foam. This design protects the equipment during transit and once deployed, allows users to operate devices while inside the case.

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