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Vehicles of High Firepower by OTOKAR: TULPAR Medium Tank and AKREP IIe

by MSI

The news article that is in the third section of IDEF’19 Special Dossier published in the 72th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is now available on our website:


In the first section of our IDEF Special Dossier, we provided news on the COBRA II Mine-protected Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle and the URAL 4×4 Special Operations Vehicle. In this section, we continue with the vehicles and weapon systems showcased by OTOKAR for the first time at a domestic exhibition.


TULPAR Medium Tank

TULPAR Medium Tank


Otokar’s TULPAR Medium Tank was among the vehicles displayed for the first time in Turkey. The vehicle’s CMI’s Cockerill 3105 type turret with autoloader features a high-pressure 105 mm gun system as the main weapon, which can fire all 105 mm NATO ammunition as well as 105 mm special guided anti-tank missiles, offering effective solutions for missions requiring high fire and destructive power. With its superior mobility, the vehicle can operate over any kind of terrain from urban areas with narrow streets and light bridges to woodlands, where the use of main battle tanks may be restricted due to their size and weight.

The TULPAR family has a multipurpose and modular design that has been created around user requirements, allowing the utilisation of a single platform in a wide range of missions. Tested in the toughest climates and over the most challenging terrains, TULPAR offers high ballistic and mine protection thanks to the utilised armour technologies, featuring a modular armour structure that can be configured and scaled according to the expected threat. The TULPAR Medium Tank can be integrated with active protection systems and can accommodate a crew of three, including a commander, a gunner and a driver, plus two personnel. Otokar is also offering integrated logistics support solutions related to the platform, ensuring low life-cycle cost support.

AKREP IIe electric armoured reconnaissance vehicle

AKREP IIe electric armoured reconnaissance vehicle


Turkey’s First Electric Armoured Vehicle: AKREP IIe

Designed by Otokar as an armoured reconnaissance and weapon platform, the AKREP II 4×4 new generation armoured vehicle family has been developed to satisfy the current and future requirements of armies. Featuring a low silhouette and offering high mobility over any terrain, the vehicle infrastructure can accommodate such alternative power groups as electrical, diesel and hybrid. Furthermore, Akrep II features a single system incorporating the power generation and transmission, sensors, computers, communication and targeting systems, and an infrastructure that will accelerate the transition to autonomous vehicles.

Pioneering the arrival of advanced technologies into the military field, the vehicle offers agility, low acoustic and thermal signature, high speed and silent operation when compared to conventional armoured vehicles. It is stated that Akrep IIe responds best to tactical performance expectations, and also offers advantages in terms of fuel efficiency, mobility, survivability and integrated logistics support.

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