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MKEK’s New Facility Has Opened its Doors with the Attendance of President Erdogan

by Buse Köse

Energetic Materials Production Facility of Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKEK) opened its doors with an opening ceremony held on April 29 at the company’s Barutsan Rocket and Explosives Factory with the attendance of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. During the ceremony, various products of MKEK have been also introduced. President Erdogan has been briefed about some of these products, namely; Electric Armoured Combat Vehicle (e-ACV) and ASFAT’s Mechanical Mine-Clearing Equipment.

At his speech during the ceremony, President Erdogan noted, “Thanks to this new facility, Turkey obtains the opportunity to produce explosives such as RDX, HMX and CMX, which are currently produced by a limited number of countries in the world. Our country has always imported this product, to be used as the main explosive material in the filling of new generation aircraft bombs, missile fuel and warheads. The secret and open embargoes that we have been subjected to recently, has brought up the necessity of producing of this critical product in our country. Our Mechanical and Chemical Industry Institution immediately rolled up its sleeves with our instruction, and, in a short time like a year, this facility was completed with only indigenous resources and national technology within a public-private partnership framework. We will be no longer dependent on anyone for explosives used at our munitions, missiles, and warheads. We, as a country, reached the super league with the ability to produce new generation explosives, thanks to the facility that we just inaugurated.”

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