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by Can Kılınç

MSI Defense Review is a monthly publication focusing on defense and aerospace industry. Our first issue was published in November 2004, i.e. more than ten years ago. Since then, we have published over 100 monthly and many Special Issues. Acting with the motto of “great minds think together”, MSI Defense Review has always been proud to be published on time and containing accurate and timely news.

In the dawn of our second decade, we are raising the bar once again for local defense media, and launching the English Version of MSI Defense Review.

Entitled as MSI Turkish Defense Review (TDR), it is a monthly magazine just like the Turkish version. It is now easier for our international customers to follow; timely, accurate and reliable news about the Turkish defense and aerospace industry.

In order to properly support the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry on the road to achieve their objectives of 2023 (100th anniversary of Turkish Republic), and in parallel to the English version of the magazine (TDR), MSI Defense Review is now also providing the below services:

  • MSI E-Magazine

Both Turkish and English versions are now available through Magzter (a US based leading platform in digital publishing) and compatible with; IOS and Android.

  • PDF Version of MSI

Both Turkish and English versions of the magazine are now available in PDF format for internal circulation of corporate subscribers.

  • More coverage about foreign companies and Commercial/ Military Attachés in Turkey.

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