Home News Aegean Dynamics Picked Up Steam at SAHA EXPO for Its Forays into the Sector

Aegean Dynamics Picked Up Steam at SAHA EXPO for Its Forays into the Sector

by Can Kılınç

Aegean Dynamics is developing brushless DC motor and alternators for the platforms and systems of main contractors in the Turkish defence and aerospace industry and had a rather intensive SAHA EXPO experience. The company observed that there is a great need in its niche at the sub-contractor level during the fair. As such, Aegean Dynamics is planning to commence new collaborations with main contractors as well as sub-contractors in the near future.

The product family Aegean Dynamics offers has reached over 60 models as the company developed various solutions focusing on domestication projects since 2018. The company created every single one of these products in line with user demands. Officials from Aegean Dynamics highlighted that their product family both meets a wide variety of needs and has matured through use in the field. They have also shared these pluses were touched on repeatedly in the talks they held.

Aegean Dynamics was asked if they could produce custom products during the fair. In addition, the company’s current offerings saw great demand from various sub-contractors, while the company officials were able to hold B2B talks with foreign delegations.

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