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Aeros Expands Its Collaborations with Unidef, DT Defence and KSM

by MSI

Aeros, attending IDEF for the first time, was hosted by its business partner, Unidef. The BOMBUS gun pod, jointly developed by Aeros and Unidef, was presented in Unidef’s booth.

The agenda of Aeros in the fair was mostly comprised of collaboration opportunities. The company signed 2 contracts in the fair, with the first one concerning Phase 2 development of said BOMBUS gun pod. Development, production, and ground firing tests of the gun pod were completed in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 will include detailed design and qualification tests. The pod was presented with its control unit (Stores Management System/SMS) and user interface unit. Unidef and Aeros officials said development of gun pods with different sizes and capacities is possible in the meetings they took part in. As such, detailed meetings were started with foreign delegations regarding the gun pod.

The other contract is for a strategic partnership between Aeros, DT Defence and Karya System Engineering (KSM) regarding development of a new generation electro-mechanic aircraft systems, to be used in both military and civilian aircraft. The first prototypes resulting from this partnership is expected to be ready for testing in June next year.

Aeros also held talks for new collaboration opportunities. Serdar Çora, Co-Founder of Aeros, shared the following on these talks: “We met with plenty of companies on our design, testing, and engineering services in IDEF 2021. The fair allowed us to monitor the development in our defence and aerospace industry, with more products and companies making a name in the sector. We aim to provide detail engineering solutions in avionics, electrical systems, structural design, structural analysis and development and certification tests for companies that develop subsystems. Our aim brought our company attention from companies that wish to grow with their indigenous designs.

Left to Right: Serdar Çora, Co-Founder of Aeros, Umut Çimen, Head Of Structural Design of Aeros, Verda Çora, General Manager of Aeros and İrfan Altaş, Head of Avionics/Electrical Systems Design of Aeros

We also made marketing presentations to high level officials from large companies and organisations. These officials mentioned that Aeros would be a good partner for them in the near future on the services they need. They also told Aeros’ past experience would be very valuable in the current projects.

In addition, we contacted companies we may be able to be solution partners with, especially the ones that aim to reduce their dependence on foreign systems.

We offer high quality solutions in a short time with our experienced team. We underlined our determination in providing engineering solutions the sector needs in the meetings we had during the fair.”

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