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AKSA RUNFLAT Draws Attention with Rapid Growth in Global Market

by MSI

You can read the advertorial published in the September 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


AKSA RUNFLAT, a rising star of Turkey in the global defence sector, takes the stage at DSEI. The company, whose products grace the armoured land vehicles of 12 countries, is showcasing at DSEI’19 the RunFlat Systems that have become indispensable for wheeled armoured vehicles, owing to their ability to ensure continued mobility and prevent the loss of control in the event of tyre punctures. The company is displaying three different models of the RunFlat System at its stand, including the 2-Part, 3-Part and Hybrid models, each of which possess different technical characteristics.


Conducting its operations from its factory in Ankara, Turkey, AKSA RUNFLAT is the designer, developer, producer and tester of RunFlat Systems used on a wide range of different vehicles. Among these vehicles, one can count tactical wheeled armour vehicles, tactical wheeled trucks, anti-riot vehicles, armoured engineering vehicles, armoured buses, pickups and civilian-type vehicles (such as fire trucks, ambulances, SUVs etc.). In addition to the quality of its products, the company also stands out with the after-sales services it provides, the wheel assemblies it delivers in a ready-to-install format, and the ease of use of its products in the field.


AKSA RUNFLAT Holds 85 Percent of Turkish Market

Since its foundation in 2011, AKSA RUNFLAT has consistently expanded its customer portfolio, which includes many wheeled armoured vehicle manufacturers in Turkey. At the same time, the company is also a supplier to numerous construction vehicle producers. Installed with AKSA RUNFLAT solutions, the vehicles of these producers are used extensively in the challenging operations of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the General Command of the Gendarmerie (GCG) and the Turkish National Police (TNP). The company’s product range includes RunFlat Systems of different types and diameters, ranging from 15 to 28 inches, and providing BR7 level ballistic protection. To date, the company has produced RunFlat Systems capable of bearing up to 6,500 kilograms of load per wheel, and has the ability to manufacture products of even greater capacity.

The vehicles produced in Turkey that are installed with AKSA RunFlat Systems can be listed as follows:

  • KİRPİ,
  • VURAN,
  • NMS 4×4 (YÖRÜK),
  • HIZIR,
  • PARS (6×6, 8×8),
  • URAL,
  • TOMA,
  • 4×4 pickup trucks, and
  • Construction vehicles (Loader, backhoe loaders)

kirpi - C - AKSA RUNFLAT


Noting that the company is involved mainly in production for the defence sector and internal security agencies, and that it currently holds an approximately 85 percent share of the Turkish market, Bekir Rıza Saçmacı, General Manager of AKSA Run Flat, had the following to say about their products: “Our leading references are TAF, the GCG and the TNP, which utilise our products every day in the field. The feedback we receive from them allows us to continually improve our products, and having products that see active use in operations provides us with great experience.”


Surpassing Rivals through Ease of Use and Efficient Services

The company’s RunFlat Systems surpass their competitors by a considerable margin thanks to their ease of installation. The large majority of similar products around the world are produced as a single-piece rubber block, and fitting or removing these systems on the rim normally requires special and high-cost machinery. However, especially during extraterritorial operations or domestic operations conducted in remote locations, it can be difficult for the end user to access such equipment. For this reason, fitting a new RunFlat System to the wheel rim, or replacing an existing RunFlat System for whichever reason, can lead to significant logistical problems. the assembly of the tyre, RunFlat System and rim can be achieved with standard tyre-changing machines and with simple hand tools that can readily be found almost anywhere around the world.

Another important advantage provided by the company relates to its after-sales services. AKSA RUNFLAT-made products are in use in Turkey and in many other locations worldwide, and the company is outpacing its competitors with its rapid response to user needs, whenever and wherever they may arise.


Primary Expectation of Vehicle Producers: Seamless Wheel Assembly

In addition to producing RunFlat Systems, AKSA RUNFLAT can also provide the wheel assembly – comprising the tyre, rim and RunFlat System – in an assembled form in line with the requests of its customers. This service is greatly appreciated by vehicle producers, as it allows the supply of the wheel assembly as a complete set that can be directly fitted on to the vehicle.


A RunFlat without ballistic resistance (left), and the AKSA RunFlat System with ballistic resistance (right).

A RunFlat without ballistic resistance (left), and the AKSA RunFlat System with ballistic resistance (right).


Tremendous Demand from Overseas

Having rapidly expanded its export portfolio within a relatively short period, AKSA RUNFLAT’s products are currently seeing use in 12 countries, including Czechia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. AKSA RUNFLAT’s products are attracting great interest in other countries as well, and the company continues its promotional efforts in international exhibitions as part of its broader growth targets. Based on its confidence in its own products, the company has already decided to raise its export target for 2020.


Tests Succeeded

The company’s products have proven themselves by successfully completing the tests performed by Armoured Land Vehicle Produces And Government Authority.

In 2016, on vehicle test is performed by BMC under the auspices of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), the competent authority in Turkey’s defence and security procurement projects. Although the system had very well preserved its integrity and resistance up to that distance, the test was stopped mainly due to the excessive deformation of the tyre and the potential risk to the vehicle’s safety.



Special Defence Industry Award from SSB

Conducting all of its design and production activities indigenously, AKSA RUNFLAT was deemed worthy of the “Special Defence Industry Award” in 2017 by the SSB for the outstanding successes of its products.


Thanks to the engineering and R&D infrastructures in its possession, AKSA RUNFLAT can respond very rapidly to any customer demands. In line with customer requirements and design limitations, the company identifies the type of rim and tyre to be used, and carries out customization process or if needed a preliminary design of the product is performed within a short period. Prior to launching serial production, the company simulates the compatibility of the prototype product with the intended rim and the tyre.

Saçmacı emphasised AKSA Run Flat’s dynamism in product development: “As a result of our investments into R&D and testing infrastructure, we are today capable of responding to new product demands much faster than all other producers.”

Through R&D and testing, AKSA RUNFLAT has, over time, further boosted the ballistic properties of its products. The company has carried its RunFlat System to a level at which it maintains its mechanical properties even when shot (According to FINABEL Agreement No. A.20.A (20.A.5)  Annex1, 1997), thereby acquiring a significant advantage over its global competitors.

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