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ANDAR Signs Its First Direct Export Contract

by MSI

ANDAR, a company that successfully commenced many domestic projects, expands its activities to international markets. ANDAR products has been successfully used abroad as well, through their inclusion in platform manufacturers’ exported products. The company signed its first direct export contract recently, and the company designed and produced an electro-mechanical actuation system used in a civilian helicopter. 30 of said systems have been delivered to ANDAR’s client, which is based in Western Europe. The products will be used in a helicopter developed by an international consortium.

Gökhan Koyuncu, General Manager of ANDAR

Gökhan Koyuncu, General Manager of ANDAR, responded to the questions of MSI TDR on this export contract on 1 October. Mr. Koyuncu expressed the plans of the company for the international market as follows: “In the founding vision of ANDAR, being a vanguard in its area was a keystone. All our activities are planned to stimulate international growth and executed as such. As we enjoyed a an increasing demand, we had to work longer than planned for the domestic market. This direct export sale was the first step of our international plans. We are excited about the fact that we were seen as the right address to meet the needs of international companies and as such, contacted directly. We foresee we will be working in plenty of international projects in 2022, especially in the United States and Europe.”

The solution ANDAR provided for the civilian helicopter has similar features to the trim actuator the company showcased in IDEF’21.

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