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ANDAR Focuses on Its CAS Solutions for IDEF 2023

by Can Kılınç

ANDAR, a company that constantly develops its capabilities in designing and producing electromechanical actuator systems for the defence and aerospace sector, is presenting its Control Actuation Systems (CAS) solution family, a crucial subsystem for the guidance system of a smart munition. ANDAR offers its CAS solution, which controls the fins and other control surfaces to ensure the smart munition is guided to the target correctly, as a complete high-performance package. ANDAR’s technological know-how and its mastery over production processes ensure the company can design and produce a tailor-made CAS product in line with customer demands in record time, even though all parameters of a smart munition, like design, wing shape and weight, differ from one model to another. ANDAR can produce a new CAS solution from scratch in 4–6 months, fit for all the platform requirements.

With the launch of its CAS solutions at the IDEX 2023 exhibition held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) between 19 and 23 February, ANDAR has started receiving positive feedback and new demands from across the globe. ANDAR considers IDEF an important opportunity to introduce the new members of the CAS solution family and meet with domestic integrators and stakeholders from abroad. The company will engage in talks with integrators around the globe, from Gulf countries to South America and even Europe, while it ensures its CAS solutions will make a difference in the field.

Gökhan KOYUNCU, CEO and Founding Partner of ANDAR

CAS Solutions Offered in a Single Package

ANDAR has an extensive product family, aimed at the defence and aerospace sectors, as well as the air transportation sector, as these sectors see increasing electric systems usage every day, and its indigenous CAS solutions, all the way down to the lowest components, made ANDAR a globally competitive brand, and even a pioneer in some fields. ANDAR can develop system solutions for platforms ranging from 40 mm ammunition to rockets destined for outer space. The company can individually develop all the components that make up an electromechanical system, such as motors, drives, gearboxes, sensors, and other sub-components, and can also offer them as a complete, integrated, turnkey CAS solution. ANDAR’s ability to offer subcomponents as a package within a CAS solution provides significant advantages for the customer in terms of price, weight, delivery time, production speed, ease of manufacturing, production quality, and most importantly, overall system performance.

Eliminated Performance Losses

ANDAR’s CAS solution emerged from the company’s desire to overcome any disruptions and performance losses that may occur while integrating electromechanical actuator systems into platforms. Instead of offering electromechanical actuator systems to end users as separate parts, ANDAR offers a complete system as a whole, providing integrators with time- and resource-saving solutions, which have delivered the company with positive feedback. ANDAR adapts its in-house manufactured products to create customised CAS solutions, aiming to eliminate performance losses caused by suboptimal components and relieve customers from the workload of designing an entire system. In this approach, all components are designed, produced, tested, and presented as a package by ANDAR. The customer’s task is simply to mount the CAS package onto the relevant platform.

The convenience offered by ANDAR’s CAS solution makes it especially attractive for users, leading to an ever-increasing demand for the product family. ANDAR aims to reach a production capacity of 15,000 CAS units annually, with inevitable fluctuations depending on the products’ sizes, corresponding to approximately 60,000 electric motors and a similar number of controllers. When ANDAR completes its mass production infrastructure, which includes subcomponents like electronic systems, gears, and motors and the necessary cabling and automated test equipment for integration, it will achieve its target production capacity of 15,000 CAS units per year.

“We Offer System Solutions Across a Wide Spectrum”

Gökhan Koyuncu, CEO and Founding Partner of ANDAR, highlighted that their CAS solution family presented at IDEF provides a wide range of system solutions, stating, “For instance, we are presenting examples of our CAS solutions at IDEF, ranging from CAS developed for the transformation of 40 mm calibre ammunition to smart munitions, to CAS solutions that can be used in much larger platforms, with 200 mm calibre. Even though we present solutions in this range at the fair, our production is not limited to it, of course. We offer system solutions across a wide spectrum, starting from the smallest diameter to cruise missiles and even rockets destined for space. In addition to our CAS product family, our booth also features various electromechanical actuators used in aerial platforms. We also present the electromechanical actuation solutions we make for various UAVs bearing the signature of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, as well as for indigenous platforms like HÜRKUŞ, HÜRJET, GÖKBEY, and KAAN. I can safely say IDEF serves as a highly productive networking platform for ANDAR.”

“Almost All Platforms Have One or More ANDAR Products”

Koyuncu explains that ANDAR’s solutions can be found on all air platforms besides their booth. He states, “Almost all flying platforms developed by the Turkish defence and aerospace industry have one or more ANDAR products. We strive to have ANDAR products in all types of munitions, even previously manufactured ones, as well as in our national air platforms. We aim to contribute to all relevant projects in order to reduce foreign dependency and increase domestic production rates.”

Koyuncu also mentions that in addition to presenting products at IDEF, they will initiate efforts to transform established contacts into collaborations, sharing: “ANDAR’s CAS solutions developed for military aviation platforms are enjoying great interest across the globe. Today, our solutions used in UAVs have transformed into off-the-shelf, turnkey products. We have an extensive range of products that can provide ready-made solutions to almost any UAV in the world, and that is without customisations. We are in contact with leading platform and product owners in the global defence sector, and we are very close to finalising agreements with them.”

Calidus, a UAE-based firm active in the military aircraft and helicopter sector, is one of the most prominent companies that ANDAR currently has ongoing contacts with. If an agreement is reached, ANDAR will contribute to Calidus’ project, which is commenced to develop an aircraft with electric controllers where electric actuators can be used in the main flight control system by providing electric actuators for flight control surfaces. Following the signing of the agreement, this unique aircraft with electric main flight control systems will also bear the signature of a Turkish company.

DSEI and Dubai Airshow to Follow

ANDAR greets integrators with an innovation in every fair it participates in, and the company will attend DSEI, scheduled in September in the United Kingdom, and Dubai Airshow, to be held in November in UAE.

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