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ANDAR to Showcase Solutions for Aviation at Dubai Airshow

by Can Kılınç

ANDAR proudly present its electromechanical actuators, designed to liberate the aerospace sector from the constraints of hydraulics, at the Dubai Airshow 2023, which is held between 13 and 17 November. ANDAR significantly increased its presence in the Gulf region since 2019 with its electromechanical actuator solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), manned aircraft, and ammunition, and will also sign an important contract at the event, once again showcasing ANDAR’s capability to provide significant solutions not only in defence but also in aviation.

ANDAR’s Electromechanical Actuator Product Family

ANDAR’s electromechanical actuator product family includes proven products created for various smart munitions, tactical and strategic UAVs, and fixed- and rotary-wing military aircraft, among others. These products are currently successfully operating as a part of many platforms, both in Türkiye and abroad.

Flexibility and High Performance in Solutions

ANDAR is capable of designing and manufacturing sub-components such as electric motors, actuators, gearboxes, and sensors, as well as delivering the desired electromechanical systems as a complete package, offering a flexible approach to actuators. The CAS product group, used for guiding smart munitions to their targets and actuating their fins to achieve a hit, stands out among these package solutions ANDAR offers.

Evaluation from Gökhan Koyuncu, CEO and Co-Founder of ANDAR

Gökhan Koyuncu, CEO and Co-Founder of ANDAR, has highlighted the company’s products developed for manned platforms at the Dubai event, alongside other offerings, and shared his expectations for the fair: “We aim to capitalise on this fair to further advance the relationships we have been developing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

ANDAR’s Growing Presence in the Region

Koyuncu also stated, “ANDAR’s presence in the region is expanding, and the scope of projects we are running with our current customers is increasing, especially in the next few years. We are aware of the potential in the region, and we will continue to participate in such fairs. We will demonstrate that we are a reliable partner who can contribute to their projects to actors hailing from the Gulf Region, as well as the USA and Europe.”

Concrete Relationships

ANDAR is steadily progressing towards becoming a regional solution partner, as the company consider fairs as an opportunity to advance and develop existing relationships. ANDAR has already signed a memorandum of understanding with Tawazun, a leading state organisation in the UAE, at the IDEX 2023 fair in Abu Dhabi earlier this year, and it will continue this momentum by signing a major contract at Dubai Airshow 2023 with a global company developing an aircraft for both civil and military applications.


ANDAR Electromechanical Systems (ANDAR) is a technology company that offers indigenous solutions for the ever-evolving needs of today’s world with its complete mastery over technological know-how in electromechanical actuators and supports these solutions throughout their lifecycle. With its interdisciplinary perspective, ANDAR creates solutions to challenging problems. ANDAR has become one of the leading companies in Türkiye with its technological expertise and mastery in its niche and has made a name for itself across the globe, being among the few leading companies in the entire world.

For more information, please visit: www.andar.com.tr

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