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Another Success for CANiK SFx RIVAL in USA: Pistol of the Champion of Carry Optic National Tournament

by Can Kılınç

In the Carry Optic National shooting competition organized by United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) that saw the competition pistols with optical sights to achieve victory, Nils Jonasson, Captain of CANiK Team won the first place with his CANiK SFx RIVAL. This marks the second achievement for CANiK SFx RIVAL this year in USA, after taking the first place in the Industry Choice Awards (ICA) in June.

Carry Optic National tournament was held in Talladega, AL between 7-11 September. Nils Jonasson, Captain of CANiK Team competed against 417 shooters in total, with 57 of them being “grand masters” and 100 being “masters”, achieving the first place.

C. Utku Aral, General Manager of Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) shared the following on Jonasson’s victory: “The prestigious international awards we win crown our products that we export under our CANiK brand to 69 countries. The successes we achieve in the USA, the largest firearm market in the world, further increase our brand value. We are presenting our quality products alongside our Turkish flag with pride. Achieving a podium spot in the championship that saw the best of the best competing and all the awards we receive proves that our success has not been a fluke once again. We continue to work hard to surpass ourselves, with our strong R&D team being the driving force.”

C. Utku Aral, General Manager of SYS

Developed for Competition Shooters

CANiK SFx RIVAL that helped Jonasson win the first place was developed for competition shooters. Aral stated the reason why the pistol was named RIVAL as follows: “Rival means a person that competes in the same field or for the same aim who desires to achieve superiority. As such, RIVAL was the most suitable name for our pistol. This name also represents a pistol, with superior features compared to existing ones, has been released to the market.”

Kenzie Fitzpatrick, who wrote a review on CANiK SFx RIVAL in the July/August 2022 issue of the USPSA Magazine, has shared the following: “The CANiK SFx Rival is one of the best polymer pistols I’ve ever handled or shot. It’s a fun gun to shoot and the recoil is easy to handle. The pistol is extremely accurate, will run any 9 mm ammunition you feed it and is customizable to you.”

Nils Jonasson, Captain of CANiK Team, with his trophy

A Special Design

CANiK SFx RIVAL was developed in a process that saw contributions from CANiK Team, and this process created a specially designed pistol that offers ergonomic comfort to its user with its specially engineered trigger guard and beavertail, along with other features to speed up the operation of the pistol for shooters.  

The pistol also draws attention with its aggressive look. Its grey colour is specially designed by world famous ceramic coating brand CERAKOTE™ and registered as “CANiK RIVAL GREY”.

CANiK SFx RIVAL also has a user-friendly internal design. Thanks to this new design, the user can disassemble the pistol easily with a recently developed tool named “CANiK Punch” that comes with the pistol. The tool can help the user disassemble the pistol to the smallest parts including the trigger group and reassemble it. As such, the user can easily clean the pistol during a competition if something unexpected happens. This feature became possible after a completely new design for the pistol and its new 36 mm long slide catch.


Speed: The Name of the Game

CANiK SFx RIVAL has many features to speed up the operation of the pistol. The pistol’s aluminium trigger breaks at 90° and a magwell incorporated body that makes it easier to change magazines, saving the user milliseconds in competitions where they count. The trigger is diamond cut and serrated to ensure the user’s control and grip over it and its shortened preset and reset distance gives the user the ability to shoot more rapidly. In addition, the pistol has features like adjustable rear sight, offering a complete package to competitive shooters out of the box.

The pistol has a “Holster Fit and Lock” feature as well, thanks to the special cuts on both sides of the pistol placed right before the barrel lock lever. This feature ensures the pistol is locked in place unless the user grips the pistol correctly, which opens the lock automatically. This allows the user to draw the pistol as quickly as possible, creating a rather large difference in points in competitive settings.

Aral comments on the specially designed trigger as follows: “A mass produced pistol having a 90° trigger break is a first in the world. This feature is usually seen in special trigger designs. We are advancing the trigger technologies of our CANiK brand to the next level.”

Ergonomic Comfort Brings High Performance

CANiK SFx RIVAL, thanks to its advanced, specially designed body and beavertail, offers a comfortable and strong grip to its user, ensuring the correct sight picture is achieved quickly. The trigger guard has a bottom that is curved inward to help the grip of the second hand that is supporting the pistol. The serrations on the sides and front of the grip further strengthen the control as well, making the pistol an extension of the user’s body almost.

Furthermore, the shooter can adjust the sights of the firearm without going to an armourer thanks to adjustment screws mounted on the pistol. The pistol’s slide also has the required interfacing to mount optical sights, and the user can easily access these interfaces by removing its “Optic Lid Cape”. This “Optic Lid Cape” also houses the adjustable sights, ensuring the height of the pistol does not increase. Thus, the upper part of the pistol does not snag on the holster or clothing.

Extensive Box Content

CANiK SFx RIVAL makes a difference with its box content as well. Fitzpatrick stated the following on the firearm and the box it came with as follows: “The CANiK line of pistols are by far the best value for a polymer pistol out of the box, and ready for competition, concealed carry or for the average range enthusiast. I own a polymer pistol made by nearly every major firearm manufacturer and, while I enjoy shooting them all, the CANiK SFx Rival is my favourite polymer pistol… The CANiK SFx Rival is a feature-rich pistol that comes with everything you could need right out of the box. It’s the first gun I’ve owned that I haven’t upgraded with any aftermarket parts. I’m guilty of even modifying my original SFx pistols with aftermarket triggers, but there is no need to change a thing with the SFx Rival, which was designed to level the playing field for competitive shooters without breaking the bank.”


CANiK SFx RIVAL: Handgun of the Year

Another success CANiK SFx RIVAL achieved this year was receiving Handgun of the Year 2022 award at the Industry Choice Awards 2022. CANiK brand pistols had won Handgun of the Year award with TP9 SFx in 2017, TP9 ELITE COMBAT in 2019 and TP9 ELITE SC in 2020.

Aral shared the following on the awards CANiK brand pistols received: “Our CANiK brand both proves its quality with prestigious awards it receives and increases its recognition as it grows from Turkish market to global markets. With our products, a reflection of our famed history and innovative outlook, we provide an impeccable value to both our company and the Turkish defence industry. Our products offer superior shooting experience thanks to a long design process from our expert staff. We see this prestigious award we received in the USA as a representation of the success we achieved in the toughest firearms market in the world. With this award, we will increase our market share in the American market along with continuing to represent our latest and greatest results we achieve in R&D and innovation.”

Table: Technical Specifications for CANiK SFx RIVAL

Calibre 9×19 mm
Magazine Capacity 18 (20 round magazines are available in the CANiK Official Accessory Programme)
Barrel Length 127 mm
Total Length 205.5 mm
Height 145 mm
Width 36 mm
(w/ empty magazine)
835 g
Body Material Fibre reinforced; metal filled polymer
Action Single Action
Firing Mode Semi-automatic
Operating Mechanism Striker Fired
Safety Firing Pin SafetyTrigger Safety
Sights Adjustable, competition ready rear sight and fibre optic front sight
Features Lightened, diamond cut aluminium flat trigger with 90° break angleStriker status indicatorSide changeable magazine catch with three different lengths Magwell ready interchangeable backstrap (3 sizes)Picatinny railAmbidextrous slide stop leverSelf-flared magwell frame

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