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ASELSAN Became One of The World’s Top 50 Defence Contractors

by MSI

ASELSAN is ranked ever so higher each year in the Top 100 list of the world’s defence contractors announced annually by Defense News magazine. ASELSAN, which ranked 52nd last year, rose 4 steps up at once, to 48th place with its defence turnover approaching 2.2 billion dollars. Achieving its goal of reaching the top 50, ASELSAN also scored a first for Turkey.

ASELSAN, an establishment of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, entered the list for the first time in 2008, at 97th place. Prof. Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO of ASELSAN has said that they are happy to be at high up in the list, but that their goals are much higher. Prof. Görgün, stated the following: “ASELSAN products continue to serve in 65 countries of the world. We will continue to work day and night to meet the needs of our security forces and the armed forces of friendly and allied countries, quickly and reliably. In return, I believe that we will be higher in this list in the coming years. We have felt the support of our state by our side, everywhere and always.  We would like to thank all the officials of our state, especially our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who supported ASELSAN on this path.”

In the list, ASELSAN’s defence revenue for 2019 was 2,172.57 billion dollars. The company’s defence revenue for 2018 was reported as 1,792.63 billion dollars, while the change in defence revenue was recorded as 21%. In the list, ASELSAN recorded 95% of its revenue from the field of defence, while its total revenue was recorded as $ 2,290.61 billion.

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