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Asisguard’s AGGÖZ Electro-Optical Vision Systems Will Be Used in Over a Thousand Vehicles

by Can Kılınç

Asisguard summarized its recent activities and explained its future targets at a press conference held in Ankara on 16 March. At the meeting, M. Barış Düzgün, General Manager of Asisguard answered the questions of the journalists. Indicating that Asisguard is most known with its SONGAR Armed Drone System in the defence and aerospace industry, Düzgün noted that Asisguard’s product range actually includes different product families such as AGGÖZ Electro-Optical Vision Systems, SADAK Military Vehicle Solutions and AYN Display Family. Düzgün mentioned that they carry out intensive activities especially in the field of electro-optical systems.

M. Barış Düzgün,
General Manager of Asisguard

Asisguard won the 360 Degree Situational Awareness Project, which was initiated by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), covering the modernization of various armoured vehicles in Türkiye. Within the scope of this project, the company will integrate AGGÖZ Electro-Optical Vision Systems onto nearly a thousand vehicles. Leaving the first month of the project behind, the company has also completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) phase. Asisguard is in talks with 3 different countries about the export of electro-optical systems.

AGGÖZ Driver Sight Unit

Noting that Asisguard also offers solutions for military land vehicles with its SADAK and AYN product families, Düzgün said; “Besides the imaging systems, we are also very powerful in the modernization of military vehicles. Here, we have modernized a lot of vehicles with our command and control computers with smart monitors, intercom systems and display systems. This was actually a hidden face of Asisguard.”

AGGÖZ Cooled Long Distance Sight Unit

Düzgün, referring to drone systems and other areas of activity of Asisguard, continued as follows: “We have decided to combine these two faces. Now you too need to hear this face so that companies can see that we are not just a drone manufacturer, but also have other capabilities. Awareness has begun to emerge in this regard. How did it start? We have made agreements with some of the companies under Turkish Armed Forces Foundation on these issues. We carry out development activities with companies in other sectors that also use imaging systems. We are talking about gimbals with companies that produce VTOL (vertical take-off) UAVs. This year, we have a goal of putting out a gimbal. We want to use this gimbal both in VTOL vehicles and in our own drone.”

AGGÖZ Situational Awareness Vision System
AGGÖZ 360 ° Awareness System

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