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ASPİLSAN Energy Celebrates 40th-Year Anniversary with its New Logo

by Buse Köse

ASPİLSAN Energy celebrated its 40th anniversary and launched its new logo at a commemoration programme held on 7 August. The founding sponsors of the company and personnel retiring from the company also participated in the programme.

ASPİLSAN Energy explained the design idea behind its new logo as follows: “Our logo basically refers to a cycle consisting of “a” and “e” letters of ASPİLSAN Energy. The letters also form a symbol of infinity when they come together and indicate that energy exists in every aspect of our lives and is an infinite cycle. The colours represent our national colour Turquoise and round lines represent ASPİLSAN’s productivity. The lowercase letters also emphasise modesty and the sharp lines emphasise our determination. Our logo shows that we are a high-tech company with its modern appearance, but it also complies with the definition of the ‘Energy Age’ given to the new age. Our national colour, which has come to the present day since the 8th century BC and entered the world literature as ‘Turkish Blue’, refers to the transformation and change of ASPİLSAN.”

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