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Innovative Communication Systems for Naval Platforms from Barok Defense

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One of the communication systems that Barok Defense handles with an innovative approach, the intercom solution for land vehicles successfully functions in different vehicles. The company is now preparing to bring its innovation to naval platforms. Barok Defense’s Ship Communication System and X-Light Projector are getting ready for IDEF 2021.

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General architecture of the Ship Communication System

The Intercom System, which enables law enforcement personnel to communicate within the vehicle, is among the products developed by Barok Defense since 2017. Following successful deployment of its Intercom Systems onboard over 300 vehicles on the field, Barok Defense, started its R&D studies aiming to develop an onboard internal communication system for naval platforms in 2019.  The system is now ready for mass production and will be showcased at IDEF 2021 for the first time.

Barok Defense’s Naval Combat System brings several innovations and advantages (Figure 1) such as; transmitting wireless broadcasts to each compartment in the ship and preventing natural signal attenuation between ship compartments caused by conventional radio communication. All personnel participating in the wireless broadcast can be tracked on a departmental basis allowing easy location of personnel in case of an emergency.  Each person, team and department can be grouped through the user interface. Instead of switchboard distribution, all communication scenarios are created digitally over the user panel. The system can be applied to ships of different sizes with a plug and play feature after necessary wiring. The number of personnel and departments can vary according to the ship class.

Commander Unit Software Interface

The software interface operating in the commander unit of the Ship Communication System is shown in Figure 2. In this system, there are two channels; “general” and “private”. Regular radio communication between the commander and the personnel is provided on the general channel. On the private channel, the commander can make private conversations on a different frequency with the departments or personnel he chooses from his touch screen. These general and private channel audio recordings are stored on the server. Additionally, the commander can monitor personnel movements among the departments and track each of his personnel’s location in real time on his touch screen.

As an option, a loudspeaker feature can be added to stations in each compartment allowing sectional or general announcements.

X-Light Projector System

X-Light projector creates a difference with enabling an infinitive (360 degree) rotation both on horizontal and vertical axis.

Barok Defense’s projector system is preparing to take its place on naval platforms following land vehicles. Proving itself on land vehicles, the projector system, has been prepared for naval platforms since 2019. The product, whose all R&D processes are completed, will meet the users at IDEF 2021.

The projector, distinguishing among its international counterparts, with its robustness comes to the fore as a long-life durable product with its durable aluminium case.

The X-Light projector is a versatile product with its feature of providing bi-directional illumination, and employing white light on one side and IR on the other. It can be optionally used for aircraft marshalling or landing assistant.[sd1]  Another distinctive feature of the X-Light projector is an infinitive (n360 degrees) rotation both horizontally and vertically.

Barok Defence’s Ship Communication System and X-Light Projector System introduce a series of innovations and advantages to naval platforms.

Technical features, capabilities and options are listed in the box 2.

•    Input power: 24/12 Vdc (MIL-STD1275)
 •    Horizontal rotation angle: 375º or nx360º
 •    Horizontal rotation speed: 1º to 60º / sec
 •    Vertical rotation angle: -55 to + 90º or nx360º
 •    Vertical rotation speed: 1º to 60º / sec
 •    Angle information with encoder: Optional
 •    Control panel: Handheld or body attached
 •    Visible LED light power: 54 watts
 •    Effective candela value: 6,500,000 cdp
 •    Infrared Lighting: 850nm or 940nm
 •    Zoom: Fixed
 •    Lighting distance: L 400m / Rad.30m
 •    Weight: ~ 5kg 
 •    Automatic Centering mode (Home Mode)
 •    Built-in Test
 •    Remote control
 •    Fixed or mobile platform
 •    MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 compliant
 •    360º situational awareness
 •    Search or work lamp
 •    Optional LCD control panel
 •    CAN Bus data communication interface
 •    Stabilization (10rad.)
 •    Speed adjustment
 •    On-weapon control with IMU
 •    Flash, Strobe, SOS modes

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