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Both Domestic and International Projects of FNSS Continues Full Steam Ahead

by MSI

Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, answered the questions of the press members in an online interview held on 23 June. In the livestream that hundreds of people followed; Ümit Bayraktar, MSI TDR Executive Editor; Özgür Ekşi, C4 Defence Editor-in-Chief; Cem Akalın, Defence Turkey Managing Editor and Göksel Yıldırım, Anadolu Agency Correspondent asked; Kurt elaborated on the work and achievements of FNSS.

Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS

The highlights of Kurt’s comments are as follows:

  • “There are 23 vehicles left to deliver to Oman, we will complete the delivery by the end of this year. Our deliveries in Malaysia were already completed. But there may be a delay because of DEFTECH and Malaysia stopping production. They are just starting new works.”
  • “We will not suffer negative effects on the export front in the medium and long term in terms of the pandemic. Our business will continue in Oman, we may have new business in Malaysia. The possibilities increase as our product portfolio widens. For example, Anti-Tank Vehicles (ATV) [we are delivering to Turkish Armed Forces] currently leads new developments. There may be larger orders in Malaysia.”
  • “The tender continues in the Republic of Korea. We have got some hopes from there. We have initiatives in South America. We have projects in the Turkic Republics. We are not taking any steps back in the medium and long term. We do not anticipate a fall.”
  • “When we look east; We have two successful partnerships in Malaysia and Indonesia. Their results are quite obvious. We made a new partnership in the Republic of Korea as part of a tender. We have an agreement with Hyundai Rotem. We have a level of cooperation to transfer technology to this company. This is an exemplary model. There may be more important projects in a few places in terms of the market.”
  • “In Malaysia, there is also interest in PARS 4×4 and Nurol Makina’s EJDER YALÇIN. There are ACV modernization projects. For the ACVs they named ADNAN, there will be an upgrade in addition to the product life extension program. This project is also ahead of us. They are planning to get support from OEM for after sales support of both ADNANs and 8x8s. The process on this issue continues.”
  • “Our marketing activity continues in a country in Southeast Asia. We are doing that with PT Pindad. We believe that we will get very good results out of there.”
  • “We will start official qualification tests with SSB for MAV this fall. These tests will be completed until the middle of next year. Serial productions will be carried out in late 2021 and early 2022.”
  • “Deliveries started in the ATV project. 26 vehicles have been delivered to date. The last 2 vehicles were delivered with OMTAS missile towers. Roketsan’s OMTAS are in the inventory on the vehicle. Towards the end of the year, PARS 4×4 Anti-Tank will be delivered with the OMTAS tower. Qualification works are continuing.”
  • “Domestic projects are also opening abroad. I know for sure that MAV, ATV and SPWACV will be exported. Therefore, we will not be out of exports. Our end user is doing our biggest public relations work. Exports will not stop. As long as we do our job well, exports will continue to increase.”

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