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Caner Buğday to Lead Best Grup’s Corporate Transformation

by Can Kılınç

Best Grup, a company that develops a wide range of products, from armoured vehicles to weapon systems, remote-controlled construction vehicles and even unmanned ground vehicles for the needs of end-users, has made a significant change in leadership. Caner Buğday, who previously served as the Director of Business Development and Operations at the company, has become the new General Manager of Best Grup. Buğday highlighted that the company commenced a corporate transformation process for its future goals and stated that this process would be focusing on strengthening the corporate structure and expanding the company’s business, especially regarding remote-controlled weapon systems (RCWS) and armoured vehicles.

Buğday Became a Part of the Best Grup Family in 2022

Caner Buğday started his career at Shell&Turcas Petrol A.Ş., and he became acquainted with Best Grup during the period when he co-founded Urban Savunma with his partner Fazıl Hızal in 2019. Best Grup and Urban Savunma made joint plans to develop electromagnetic weapons and their related systems, along with initiating investments and R&D processes related to the barrels and coatings for conventional weapons. In 2022, Buğday was appointed as the Director of Business Development and Operations by the Best Grup Board of Directors, and as of August, he has assumed the role of General Manager.

Product Portfolio to Expand

Caner Buğday, the newly-minted General Manager of Best Grup, emphasised that this corporate transformation process aims to strengthen Best Grup and focus on growth, and stated, “Our product range meets the needs of end-users needs in a broad spectrum ranging from weapon systems to armoured vehicles, remote-controlled construction vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, covert armour solutions and even integrated facility security solutions. In line with our customers’ demands, we can redesign our products to meet their specifications. Our primary goal is to both develop and expand our product portfolio, with a particular focus on weapon turrets and armoured vehicles, to reach a wider user base in domestic and international markets.”

Buğday also mentioned that they will start a rapid development effort to further grow their product portfolio and shared the following: “Our priority goals include further enhancing AŞKAR, our tactical wheeled armoured vehicle, and expanding the KORALP RCWS family. We have established a new coating line in our existing facility and that line is now operational. We are participating in the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) project of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), with an UGV carrying our KORALP system. Furthermore, we offer solutions for armouring civilian vehicles, armoured and remote-controlled construction vehicles, and integrated facility security.”

New Facility, New Goals

Buğday also indicated that the company’s new facility in the Ankara Aerospace Industrial Zone (HAB) will be completed very soon, and Best Grup will relocate its headquarters there shortly after, and said, “So far, we conducted our operations with a team of approximately 150 people, across a total of 6 different facilities, of both Best Grup and the companies we are partners with. With the move to the new facility, we will work to strengthen both our organizational structure and internal communication to guide Best Grup towards our new goals. We will prioritise expanding our workforce by 30 percent in this process as well.”

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