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CANiK Claims the Championship at INCAS CUP

by Can Kılınç

CANiK became the champion at INCAS CUP (IPSC PERU) tournament, held on 16 and 17 September, that saw the participation of over 100 professional shooters from 21 different countries, primarily from South and North America. CANiK also was the main sponsor for the event, which was closely followed by thousands. Nils Jonasson, CANiK Team Captain, clinched the victory and added yet another international championship to his name.

“We Support the Development of Sport Shooting”

Cahit Utku Aral, the General Manager of SYS, stated, “As CANiK, we consider the development of sport shooting as crucial, both in our country and around the world. As such, we take pride in supporting this sport and our athletes. We are also performing various projects in countries like Peru and other parts of South America, strengthening our presence in the region. We extend our congratulations to Nils Jonasson, our CANiK Team Captain, for his achievements and express our gratitude for his contributions to the CANiK brand. We will continue to showcase what we can do on the global stage and on all continents, with our products and athletes.”

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