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Long-Awaited CANİK TP9 Sub Elite CAS Handgun from SYS Hits the Market in January

by MSI

Alper Çalık / a.calik@milscint.com

Having seen success in the sub-compact firearm market with the innovative TP9 Sub Elite member of the CANİK family, Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) has carried the success of this model one step further with the TP9 Sub Elite CAS. The TP9 Sub Elite CAS, which will be launched in January 2021, offers many advantages, especially in missions calling for concealed carry. Handguns with CAS technologies can be used day or night thanks to their integrated fibre-tritium optical sights, which need no batteries, and can be drawn without snagging to clothing preferred during undercover missions. These handguns, while supporting classic iron sights, also facilitate rapid firing with their new triggers.

CAS, short for “Canik Advanced Sight System”, is a technological infrastructure adaptation that the CANİK R&D centre has been working on for around a year. CAS technologies allow the use of iron sights with fibre-tritium optic day/night sights. To achieve this, the slide of every handgun model onto which the CAS technology will be integrated is redesigned to allow the mounting of fibre optic sights on the handgun as an integral part of the slide, rather than as a protruding accessory. By their very nature, CAS technologies can be applied to all CANİK handgun models. For the application of CAS technologies, SYS first turned to its sub-compact models on which these types of sights are most preferred. SYS aims to release CAS versions of different guns in the CANİK family in the upcoming period.

The CAS design allows the simultaneous use of the FT Bullseye and the iron sights, to better meet personal preferences and expectations.

Currently, there are CAS versions of the TP9 Sub Elite model and its US version, the TP9 Elite SC, and these handguns, named TP9 Sub Elite CAS and TP9 SC Elite CAS, include two new features: A FT Bullseye fibre-optic night sight containing tritium, and a diamond-cut flat aluminum trigger that breaks at a 90° angle.

Accurate Shooting, Day or Night

Normal fibre-optic sights make use of ambient light, and so cannot be used at night. The tritium in the FT Bullseye sight, however, produces sufficient light for use under night conditions without needing batteries and thus can be used for many years. This special sight allows shooters to engage their target very quickly and accurately in light or low light environments. Furthermore, users do not have to worry about whether the battery will run out at a critical moment, as the system doesn’t need one in the first place.

The CAS sight, which runs without batteries, allows shooters to engage the target very quickly and accurately in light or low-light environments.

Also Usable with Iron Sights

Designed in line with a philosophy of meeting personal preferences and expectations in the best possible way, CAS-series pistols also permit the simultaneous use of fibre-optic sights and classic iron sights. For users who do not need to conceal their handguns, the original rear and front sights can easily be mounted on CAS model handguns fitted with FT Bullseye, resulting in two different sights on the weapon that can be used in different situations. The fact that the user can access the most appropriate sight at any time increases the tactical options at their disposal.

In CAS models, the specially designed structure of the sight and its integration into the slide allows for quick and smooth drawing, bringing the handgun design to perfection.

Handguns Drawn Smoothly from Jacket Pockets

From the very beginning, SYS developed the TP9 Sub Elite and TP9 Elite SC models based on the idea that they would be service pistols. Users of this type of weapon may be required to wear casualwear or suits for undercover or close protection missions, and in these situations, the user must be able to draw the weapon quickly, without it being snagged on clothing, and to aim at the target. For this reason, SYS designed these weapons from the outset to have as few protuberances as possible. CAS technologies utilizing FT Bullseye sights and making iron sights optional have brought the design features that allow these weapons to be drawn quickly without getting snagged on clothing to perfection.

The second innovation in the CAS versions of the sub-compact CANİK handguns is the diamond-cut flat aluminum trigger that breaks at a 90° angle.

New Trigger and Faster Follow-on Shots

Another innovation in this handgun is its straight, diamond-cut aluminum trigger that breaks at a 90° angle. This trigger is an improved version of the patented flat aluminum trigger found on the TP9 Elite-S Combat model. The diamond-cut surface of the trigger prevents slippage, providing the shooter with a high level of trigger control, while the shortened overtravel and cocking distance allows for faster shooting.

Gençay Gençer, Corporate Communication and Business Development Manager of SYS speaking about the special trigger, said: “A trigger that breaks at a 90° angle is a first in the mass-produced handgun sector around the world, being a feature that is generally seen in sportive trigger mechanisms. Here, we take our CANİK brand’s superiority in trigger technologies one step further, and into a new dimension.”

Click here for more information on the CANİK TP9 Sub Elite CAS.

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