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CES Advanced Composites: Your Global Partner in Advanced Composite and Armour Solutions

by MSI

CES Advanced Composites & Defense Technologies Inc. (CES) has established itself as a designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced composite parts and assemblies. Moreover, it has taken place among the world’s leading manufacturers of ballistic protective solutions.

CES has the infrastructure, capability and capacity to position itself as the leading supplier of advanced composite materials, ballistic protective armour, engineering services and tooling equipment in the targeted global composites and defence market.

With its expertise in composite material design, development and production, its know-how has enabled the development of a leading range of products for a broad spectrum of applications. As well as focusing on the defence and aerospace industry, CES is continuing research and development activities to utilise expertise in land, aerospace and naval platforms, whilst increasing capacity in ballistic plates manufacturing. Ballistic armour product portfolio includes helmet, vest, insert, shield, EOD Search Suit, Add-on Armour and Spall Liner.

CES develops and produces combat helmets, ballistic vests, bomb/EOD search clothing and shields for personal protection.

Having substantive experience and know-how in the armouring of land, aerospace and naval platforms, CES also provide a wide range of services from survival analysis of the vehicle to the development of alternative armour solutions at the requested level.

Having been certified with the international aviation quality management standard AS9100 and ISO9001 since 2013, CES acquired NADCAP Nondestructive Inspections (NDT) accreditation in 2018 and NADCAP Composite Certificate in 2019. CES conducts R&D activities to improve expertise in land, aerospace and naval platforms. The company’s main factory built on 17,000 square meters in Ankara, Turkey, is an accredited R&D centre.

Reduced weight, design and engineering flexibility, anti-corrosion products put CES forward among competitors for armour, cupola, radome, antenna and sonar dome in marine sector projects.

Most recently, in-house Ballistic Test Lab opened in Ankara in August 2019 with a broad scope of ballistic testing service including all levels of NIJ 0101.06 and NIJ 0101.04, STANAG 4569 Threat Level-1 to Level6, VPAM personal armour ballistic tests and VPAM BRV standards for special vehicles. Testing service will be internationally accredited soon.

Moreover, CES Advanced Composite produces reinforced polymer fibre (CTP) composite parts for the main industries in the automotive plants in the field of conventional composite in Izmir facility in 2019.

For further information, please visit www.ces.com.tr

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For aircrafts, CES provides; wing armour and exterior panels for enhanced survivability; modular armour panels for floor protection; complex shapes with glass, aramid and carbon fibre reinforced materials; and lightweight Armour solutions for cockpit and pilot seat protection

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